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The 21st Annual AAWP Conference
Authorised Theft: Writing---

28 - 30 November 2016
University of Canberra, Australia


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We need to talk about identity politics…

Text Special Issue Number 35
Writing Death and the Gothic
Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Lorna Piatti-Farnell

Text Special Issue Number 36
Shakespeare 400
Edited by Dallas John Baker and Laurie Johnson

Text Special Issue Number 37
Crime Fiction: The Creative/Critical Nexus
Edited by Rachel Franks, Jesper Gulddal and Alistair Rolls

Sophie Masson
Breaking the pattern: Established writers undertaking creative writing doctorates in Australia

Enza Gandolfo
Writing working class ghosts

Owen Bullock and Niloofar Fanaiyan
Warp and weft: Aesthetics of the poem as an artefact of experiences in time

Rees Quilford
Conversations with Althusser, Bakhtin and Genette: The influence of theory on creative practice

Danielle Clode and Christele Maizonniaux
Telling true stories through fiction: Exploring intertextuality in Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues and French Pacific travel narratives

Lily Robert-Foley

Stuart Bender and Mick Broderick
‘Dude, get a shot of this’: The performance of violence in the school shooting film Excursion

Prose and Poetry

Dominique Hecq, What it’s like to be too much
Rachel Hennessy, The (in)exactitude of knowledge
Lynn Davidson, A roof over my head
Toni Roberts, Making with mud and my mother
Jane Downing, Let them eat brioche
Craig Jordan-Baker, The death of Patrice Nacullian


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TEXT Special Issues editors: Dallas J Baker & Ross Watkins; Commissioning editor: Donna Lee Brien
Asian Region and European editor: Dan Disney
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