TEXT Vol 9 No 1 April 2005



Putting Refereeing into Context and The Art of the Invisible and Notice of a New Journal

Marcelle Freiman
Writing/Reading: Renegotiating criticism

Jeri Kroll and Steve Evans
How to Write a 'How to Write' Book: The Writer as Entrepreneur

Moya Costello
'Irrigorous Uncertainties': Writing, Politics and Pedagogy

Anna Gibbs
Fictocriticism, Affect, Mimesis: Engendering Differences

Paul Magee
Nudism, multiple personality disorder and the hi-rise novel

Dominique Hecq
Margins: The poetic text and its theoretical gesturing

Gay Lynch
Fiction Writing: Theft or Weft?

Alyssa Ryan
Connecting Two Research Strategies: A hybrid model


Steve Evans
Piano Lesson 1: Prelude


Annie Finch and Kathrine Varnes (eds) An Exaltation of Forms: Contemporary Poets Celebrate the Diversity of Their Art reviewed by Ronn Morris

Hazel Smith The writing experiment: Strategies for innovative creative writing reviewed by Komninos Zervos

Martin Harrison Who wants to create Australia? Essays on poetry and ideas in contemporary Australia reviewed by Tess Brady

Christopher Booker The seven basic plots: Why we tell stories reviewed by Theresa Lauf








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Vol 9 No 1 April 2005
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady