TEXT Vol 21 No 1 April 2017


Creative Writing magazines

Text Special Issue Number 38
Illumination through narrative: using writing to explore hidden life experience
Edited by Margaret McAllister, Donna Lee Brien and Leanne Dodd

Text Special Issue Number 39
The Essay
Edited by Rachel Robertson and Kylie Cardell

Text Special Issue Number 40
Making it New: Finding contemporary meanings for creativity
Edited by Monica Carroll and Jen Webb

Nick Earls
Platform games: The writer, the publishing industry and debates over non-print book formats in the twenty-first century

Evija Trofimova
Closet writing

Francesca Rendle-Short, Stayci Taylor, Michelle Aung Thin, Ronnie Scott
#STREATstories: Mapping a creative collaboration

Ruby Todd, Lucinda McKnight and Owen Bullock
Displaced metaphors: Poetic engagements with language in a digitised world

Louise Tondeur
Risk, constraint, play: A new paradigm for examining practice-research in the academy

Patrick West
‘Nhill’ and the Aboriginal Language Revival movement: Relational identity, short story titles and ‘contracts of homophony’

Wendy Glassby
The writerly art of celebrating difference: Reading ambiguity in Ross Gibson’s The Summer Exercises

Poetry and Prose

Marcelle Freiman, 2 poems
Edith Speers, 3 poems
Tara East, Haunted
Ronnie Scott, My brother’s map
Rhys Stalba-Smith, The humble tool
Peter Nash, You get what you dress for




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Vol 21 No 1 April 2017
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Kevin Brophy, Enza Gandolfo & Julienne van Loon