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The 19th Annual AAWP Conference
Minding the gap: writing across
thresholds and fault lines

30 November - 2 December 2014
Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand


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Text Special Issue Number 25
Australasian magazines: new perspectives on writing and publishing
Edited by Rosemary Williamson and Rebecca Johinke

Text Special Issue Number 26
Taste and, and in, writing and publishing
Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Adele Wessell

Bronwyn Fredericks, Kyly Mills and Nereda White
‘I now know I can do this now’: Indigenous women and writing in the Australian higher education sector

Eileen Herbert-Goodall
The impacts of technological change upon narrative

Julienne van Loon
The play of research: What Creative Writing has to teach the academy

Meera Atkinson
Strange body bedfellows: Ecriture féminine and the poetics of trans-trauma

Enza Gandolfo
Take a walk in their shoes: Empathy and emotion in the writing process

Maarten Renes interviews Janie Conway-Herron
Wandering beneath the grace of clouds: An interview with Janie Conway-Herron

Donna Lee Brien
‘Welcome creative subversions’: Experiment and innovation in recent biographical writing

Linda Lappin
Mapping the soul of place

Julian Murphy
Adding to the hall of mirrors: A fictocritical response to Anthony Macris’ Great Western Highway

Jennifer Baker
Autoethnography as creative expression: What my story could have been…

Alison Burns and RA Goodrich
Re-encountering Christina Stead: Why read ‘Workshop in the Novel’?

Lucy Neave
Being read: How writers of fiction manuscripts experience and respond to criticism

Poetry and prose

Daniel Lael Gough, Ink
Lachlan Prior, The Use of the Imperative
Pemela Greet, Self-flagellating narrator
Eileen Herbert-Goodall, Journey


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