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The 19th Annual AAWP Conference
Minding the gap: writing across thresholds and fault lines
30 November - 2 December 2014
Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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Text Special Issue Number 18
Nonfiction now
Edited by David Carlin and Francesca Rendle-Short

Text Special Issue Number 19
Scriptwriting as creative writing research
Edited by Dallas Baker and Debra Beattie

Text Special Issue Number 20
Writing creates ecology: ecology creates writing
Edited by Martin Harrison, Deborah Bird Rose, Lorraine Shannon and Kim Satchell

Text Special Issue Number 21
Scores from another ground: writing in New Zealand
Edited by Lisa Emerson and Gail Pittaway

Text Special Issue Number 22
Examination of doctoral degrees in creative arts: process, practice and standards
Edited by Jen Webb, Donna Lee Brien and Sandra Burr

Text Special Issue Number 23
Textbooks and educational texts in the 21st century: writing, publishing and reading
Edited by Mike Horsley and Donna Lee Brien

Text Special Issue Number 24
Cookbooks: writing, reading and publishing culinary literature in Australasia
Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Adele Wessell

Susan Taylor Suchy
The social media marketplace in the ‘quaint’ Creative Writing classroom: Our terms for engagement

Louise Tondeur
A search for a creative pedagogy: How research can inform teaching practice in creative writing

Tony Williams
Iterations: Days, walks, episodes, chapters, scenes

Filipa Bellette
Interrogating whiteness: A precarious cross-cultural/racial creative writing PhD journey

Dave Drayton
Staying alive: Contemporary English application of biji

Michael Sala
Confession and third party revelation in memoir: The narrator, the confessant, and textual strategies for decentring the memoirist’s authority

Desmond Barry
Wrestling with Aristotle

Holly Ringland
Nested dolls: ‘Inner storytelling’ and the creative writing process

Melissa Ashley
Leaves of a diary: Searching for Elizabeth Gould in the archives of the Mitchell Library

Prose and Poetry

Sue Woolfe, The Puzzle of the Muse
Simon Holloway, …is Forthcoming
MW Davis, 2 poems
Brigita Orel, The house I will live in

Grace Dwyer, A novel idea


  • David Morley and Philip Neilsen (eds), The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing
    review by Shane Strange
  • Jeri Kroll and Graeme Harper (eds), Research Methods in Creative Writing
    review by Marion May Campbell
  • Dominique Hecq (ed), The Creativity Market: Creative Writing in the 21st Century
    review by Jeri Kroll
  • Kirsten Krauth (ed), Talking Writing
    review by Helen Gildfind
  • Amal Chatterjee (ed), Creative Writing: Writers on Writing
    review by Jeremy Fisher
  • David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: Mid-century Women Writers
    review by Victoria Reeve
  • David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: Islands and Archipelagos
    review by Laurie Hergenhan
  • Kirsten Krauth, just_a_girl
    review by Sandra Burr
  • Finola Moorhead, A Handwritten Modern Classic
    review by Jay Daniel Thompson
  • Kristin Henry All the way home
    review by Elizabeth Claire Alberts
  • Dan Disney, and then when the
    review by Cassandra Atherton
  • A Frances Johnson, The Wind-up Birdman of Moorabool Street
    review by Susie Utting
  • Toby Davidson, Beast Language
    review by Justin Clemens
  • Susie Utting, Flame in the Fire
    review by Autumn Royal


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