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The 19th Annual AAWP Conference
Minding the gap: writing across
thresholds and fault lines

30 November - 2 December 2014
Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

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Politics … and portfolios

Bronwyn Fredericks, Kyly Mills and Nereda White
‘I now know I can do this now’: Indigenous women and writing in the Australian higher education sector

Eileen Herbert-Goodall
The impacts of technological change upon narrative

Julienne van Loon
The play of research: What Creative Writing has to teach the academy

Meera Atkinson
Strange body bedfellows: Ecriture féminine and the poetics of trans-trauma

Enza Gandolfo
Take a walk in their shoes: Empathy and emotion in the writing process

Maarten Renes interviews Janie Conway-Herron
Wandering beneath the grace of clouds: An interview with Janie Conway-Herron

Linda Lappin
Mapping the soul of place

Julian Murphy
Adding to the hall of mirrors: A fictocritical response to Anthony Macris’ Great Western Highway

Jennifer Baker
Autoethnography as creative expression: What my story could have been…

Alison Burns and RA Goodrich
Re-encountering Christina Stead: Why read ‘Workshop in the Novel’?

Lucy Neave
Being read: How writers of fiction manuscripts experience and respond to criticism

Poetry and prose

Daniel Lael Gough, Ink
Lachlan Prior, The Use of the Imperative
Pemela Greet, Self-flagellating narrator
Eileen Herbert-Goodall, Journey


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