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Submissions are accepted throughout the year. The refereeing process can take from 1 to 4 months and every effort is made to publish the successful submissions in the following editon of TEXT. However, it is not uncommon to carry papers over to a later edition.

All submissions are electronic (see important information below) and should be sent via email attachments to text@textjournal.com.au

Book reviews are not normally refereed, however a substantial article built around several books may qualify for refereeing. For information regarding book reviews contact the reviews editors Dr Pablo Muslera and Dr Amelia Walker textreviews@unisa.edu.au

TEXT welcomes submission of research articles on creative and professional writing and processes, the teaching of writing, and allied topics. TEXT also welcomes creative work, book reviews, letters and notices. TEXT occasionally publishes specific-topic collections or longer works in its Special Issue Series.

Please note, TEXT has a policy on re-refereeing and re-publishing: a paper previously published in conference proceedings or elsewhere must be significantly developed for refereeing for TEXT. We do not send to referees papers to which the response will be: ‘Well, this article has already been published’. We imagine that a published conference paper of around 3,500 words would increase in size to something like 7,000 words in being significantly developed or would become another paper entirely.

Creative work in TEXT is refereed. TEXT considers contributions of stories, poetry, memoir, etc providing that the matter of the creative work concerns exploration of creativity, or the nature and processes of writing, or the nature and processes of the teaching of writing, or investigation of writers’ issues, lifestyles, or such like.

See also our Contribution Policy page. For further information please contact the editors at text@textjournal.com.au


How to send in a submission

It’s an all-electronic process
TEXT is an electronic journal.
Email a contribution as an attachment to: text@textjournal.com.au
TEXT can accommodate hypertext, images and most facilities available on the web.

Submit in Word
We prefer to do our own coding and request that submissions be sent as a simple Word document in either Mac or IBM platforms. Photographs, illustrations, etc can be incorporated into the Word document, but should also be submitted as separate jpegs.

Footnotes No. A simple list of notes at the end Yes
TEXT does not use footnotes. Instead we run a list of linked notes at the end of the piece. Submissions utilising numbered notes or appendices should have them listed at the end with, of course, clear indication in the body of the text showing where they'll be linked to. Please don’t use any computerised footnote or endnote devices available in most Word programs. Just make a numbered list of your notes and indicate them with a bracketed number in the body of the text, e.g. [4] for note number 4.

For referencing, TEXT uses an Author-date system (which the editors adapt to online publication).
Walker, JR & T Tayler (eds) 1998 The Columbia guide to online style, Columbia University Press, New York
Dawson, P 2008 ‘Creative writing and postmodern interdisciplinarity’, TEXT 12, 1 (April): http://www.textjournal.com.au/april08/dawson (accessed 21 April 2015)

Biographical Note
Please always include a biographical note with your submission, and if appropriate an indication of your affiliated tertiary institution.

Abstract and keywords
Please include an abstract of up to 200 words with your submission. Please provide no more than 3-5 keywords or phrases.

As noted in the Policy section http://www.textjournal.com.au/policy.htm, TEXT claims only first publication rights, and copyright of all work published in TEXT remains with the authors. Submissions must be the sole work of the author(s) and not involve third parties with a claim to copyright. Permission to reproduce photographs and illustrations is the responsibility of the author(s).

Book reviews are not normally refereed, however a substantial article built around several books may qualify for refereeing. For information and requirements regarding submission of reviews, please contact the Reviews editors, Dr Pablo Muslera and Dr Amelia Walker amelia.walker@unisa.edu.au. Books for review should be sent to

Dr Pablo Muslera and Dr Amelia Walker
School of Creative Industries
C2-21, Magill Campus
University of South Australia
GPO Box 2471
Adelaide SA 5001

Creative works
For issues relating to the publication policy for creative works such as poetry, prose and memoir, please contact the Creative Works editor, Dr Anthony Lawrence at a.lawrence@griffith.edu.au

Hypertext and Digital Writing submission
To discuss the suitability of hypertext submission please contact the Digital writing editor, Jason Nelson at w.nelson@griffith.edu.au

Unusual submissions
If you have any inquiries regarding unusual or complex submissions, contact the General editor, Nigel Krauth at text@textjournal.com.au

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