TEXT Vol 11 No 2 October 2007




'Extraordinary, compelling and masterful mystery bestsellers': Current newspaper reviewing

Aneil Rallin
Dreads and open mouths: On writing/teaching

Josie Arnold
Meeting the Platypus: When fact equals fiction

Moya Costello
Textuality, Mutability and Learning to Write

Greg Opie
Play: The Root of all Research

Michael Wilding
Teaching writing

S W Smith
Academaesthetics: How the essay and comic can save each other

Paul Skrebels
'Precisely this fragment of the past precisely this present': An interventionist pathway towards the theorised exegesis

Sandra Burr
Whoa! Reining in the research doctorate in creative practice

Adrian Ashman
A personal reading history

Camilla Nelson
Faking it: History and Creative Writing

Francesca Rendle-Short
Artists Talk: Listen to the imagination

Review Article
Jane Camens
Mirrors of Diversity, or Culture from a Petri Dish?

Adam Aitken Poetics 101
Vivienne Glance synaptic cleft
Dominique Hecq Fire relies on the leaves of gum trees
Robin Parmar Countdown

Nigel Krauth and Tess Brady (eds) Creative Writing: Theory Beyond Practice
reviewed by nike bourke



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Vol 11 No 2 October 2007
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb