TEXT Vol 19 No 2 October 2015


Writing and change … and teaching writing

Text Special Issue Number 30
Creative Writing as Research IV
Edited by Nigel Krauth, Donna Lee Brien, Ross Watkins, Dallas Baker, Anthony Lawrence and Moya Costello

Text Special Issue Number 31
Beyond Australia Queer
Edited by Jay Daniel Thompson and Dallas John Baker

Text Special Issue Number 32
Why YA?: Researching, writing and publishing Young Adult fiction in Australia
Edited by Jessica Seymour and Denise Beckton

Text Special Issue Number 33
Art as Parodic Practice
Edited by Marion May Campbell, Dominique Hecq, Jondi Keane and Antonia Pont

Dominique Hecq, Christine Hill and Stephen Theiler
Looking for excellence: A comparative review of the splintering of the Arts and the Sciences

Maria Takolander
From the ‘mad’ poet to the ‘embodied’ poet: Reconceptualising creativity through cognitive science paradigms

Paul Magee
Poetry and risk: On the similarities between recital and composition

Christine Owen
The pot, the vase and the kettle: ‘Show not tell’ and the role of visual art

Ben Carey
The reader-assembled narrative: Representing the random in print fiction

Owen Bullock
Semiotics and poetry – why the relational axes might yet increase our understanding of poetic practice

Christopher Mallon
Crossing shadows: Bridging the voices of hard-boiled detective and noir crime fiction

Carolyn Beasley
Teaching behind bars: Challenges and solutions for creative writing classes in prison

Katrin Den Elzen
Rewriting the bereaved self: The role of narrative in rebuilding the self and constructing meaning following the loss of one’s spouse

Jo-Ann Sparrow
‘Darling Adopted Daughter’: A practice-led exploration of adoption wounds through the writing of a memoir

Prose and Poetry

Thom Conroy, Living Notes
Aaron Chapman, Last Rites
Andrew Leggett, Kindness


Graeme Harper, The Future for Creative Writing
review by Julian Novitz
John Potts (ed), The Future of Writing
review by Ross Watkins
Dominique Hecq, Towards a Poetics of Creative Writing
review by Jeri Kroll
Tara Mokhtari, The Bloomsbury Introduction to Creative Writing
review by Shane Strange
Phillip Edmonds, Tilting at Windmills: The literary magazine in Australia 1968-2012
review by Jeremy Fisher
Bunty Avieson, The Dragon’s Voice: How Modern Media Found Bhutan
review by Carolyn Beasley
Linda Weste, Nothing Sacred
review by Paul Skrebels
Dorothy Simmons, Living Like A Kelly
review by Mary Pomfret
Ruth Bacchus and Barbara Hill (eds), First Things First: Selected Letters of Kate Llewellyn 1977-2004
review by Natalie Kon-yu
Lajos Walder, Become a Message
review by Kevin Brophy
Robyn Rowland, This Intimate War: Gallipoli/Çanakkale 1915
review by Clare Rhoden
Jennifer Compton, Now You Shall Know
review by Jo Langdon
David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: The Naked Writer
review by Helen Gildfind
David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: Australian Dreams 1
review by Ruby Todd


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Vol 19 No 2 October 2015
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Kevin Brophy & Enza Gandolfo
Creative works editor: Anthony Lawrence. Reviews editor: Linda Weste
Special Issues editor: Professor Donna Lee Brien. Assistant Special Issues editor: Dr Dallas Baker

Associate editor
: Dr Ross Watkins