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TEXT is an international peer reviewed journal published by the Australasian Association of Writing Programs. TEXT publishes academic and other material concerned with creative and professional writing programs in universities, colleges, TAFEs and the community around Australia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, England, and from other English-speaking areas and programs.

TEXT includes research articles on creative and professional writing and processes, the teaching of writing, and allied topics. TEXT also includes creative work, book reviews, letters and notices. TEXT occasionally publishes specific-topic collections or longer works in its Special Issue Series.

Regarding creative work, TEXT considers contributions of stories, poetry, memoir, etc providing that the matter of the creative work concerns exploration of creativity, or the nature and processes of writing, or the nature and processes of the teaching of writing, or investigation of writers' issues, lifestyles, or such like.

For information please contact the editors at text@textjournal.com.au

All submissions are electronic and should be sent via email attachments to text@textjournal.com.au

TEXT accepts material throughout the year.

Warranty of originality
Any author submitting work to TEXT warrants that the work:
·     is an original work;
·     does not include any material which shall give rights to action at Common Law or under Statute;
·     does not include any material that is defamatory of any person, firm or corporation;
·     is not in breach of copyright or any other rights which shall give rise to any action at Common Law or under Statute; and
·     the Author has full power to make this agreement.

Policy on re-refereeing and re-publishing
Please note: a paper previously published in conference proceedings or elsewhere must be significantly developed for refereeing for TEXT. We do not send to referees papers to which the response will be: ‘Well, this article has already been published’. We imagine that a published conference paper of around 3,500 words would increase in size to something like 7,000 words in being significantly developed or would become another paper entirely.

Policy on copyright
TEXT claims only first publication rights, and copyright of all work published in TEXT remains with the authors. Submissions must be the sole work of the author(s) and not involve third parties with a claim to copyright. Permission to reproduce photographs and illustrations is the responsibility of the author(s).
For republication of articles in TEXT, contact the author direct and acknowledge TEXT.

Vol 22 No 2 October 2018
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Julienne van Loon & Ross Watkins