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Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Kurt Heinzelman, University of Texas, Austin
Professor Jack Hodgins, University of Victoria, British Columbia
Professor Jeri Kroll, Flinders University
Professor Andrew Melrose, University of Winchester
Gail Pittaway, Waikato Institute of Technology
Professor Claire Woods, University of South Australia


This list includes referees for past issues and special issues. Consultants and referees for the current issue (October 2014) are indicated with an asterisk:

    Dr Mathew Abbott, University of Ballarat
    Jillian Adams, Central Queensland University
    *Associate Professor Debra Adelaide, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Mammad Aidani, University of Melbourne
    *Dr Avril Alba, University of Sydney
    Nicola Alter, University of Queensland
    *Dr Martin Andrew, Victoria University
    Dr Amy Antonio, University of Southern Queensland
    Professor Josie Arnold, Swinburne University of Technology
    *Dr Sandra Arnold, CQUniversity, Australia
    *Melissa Ashley, University of Queensland
    Dr Cassandra Atherton, Deakin University
    Bunty Avieson, Macquarie University
    *Dr David Azul (né Scheidt), La Trobe University
    Dr Brian Baker, Lancaster University, UK
    *Dr Dallas Baker, University of Southern Queensland
    Professor John Baer, Rider University, NJ
    Dr Glenda Banks, Swinburne University of Technology
    Dr Inez Baranay, Griffith University
    Associate Professor Stephen Barrass, University of Canberra
    Professor Estelle Barrett, Charles Sturt University
    Dr Desmond Barry, University of Glamorgan, South Wales
    Professor Alison Bartlett, University of Western Australia
    *Associate Professor Craig Batty, RMIT University
    Professor Greg Battye, University of Canberra
    *Dr Debra Beattie, Griffith University
    Denise Beckton, Central Queensland University
    Dr Leo Berkeley, RMIT University
    Dr Marsha Berry, RMIT University
    *Associate Professor Delys Bird, University of Western Australia
    Dr Stephanie Bishop, University of New South Wales
    Emily Bitto, Melbourne University
    Graham Black, Central Queensland University
    Dr Sarah Black, Independent scholar
    Dr Ruth Blair, University of Queensland
    Associate Professor Diana Blom, University of Western Sydney
    Dr Kim Cheng Boey, University of Newcastle
    Craig Bolland, Queensland University of Technology
    *Sue Bond, Central Queensland University, Australia
    *Associate Professor Frank Bongiorno, Australian National University
    Dr Nike Bourke, Queensland University of Technology
    Dr Chris Bowman, Griffith University
    Chris Bowman, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Nicola Boyd, Griffith University
    Dr Susan Bradley-Smith, La Trobe University
    Dr Tess Brady, Deakin University (ret.)
    Dr Sally Breen, Griffith University
    Dr Bernadette Brennan, University of Sydney
    Dr Anne Brewster, University of New South Wales
    *Professor Donna Lee Brien, Central Queensland University
    Dr Tom Bristow, University of New England
    Associate Professor Michael Broderick, Murdoch University
    Dr Scott Brook, University of Canberra
    Dr Barbara Brooks, University of Technology, Sydney
    Associate Professor David Brooks, University of Sydney
    *Professor Kevin Brophy, University of Melbourne
    Dr Janine Brophy-Dixon, Phoenix University, Melbourne
    Amy Catherine Brown, University of Melbourne
    Dr Judith Brown, Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music
    Professor Patrick Buckridge, Griffith University
    Janene Budd, University of Newcastle
    Associate Professor Brogan Bunt, University of Wollongong
    Olivier Burckhardt, Independent scholar
    Dr Sandra Burr, University of Canberra
    Dr Maggie Butt, Middlesex University, London
    Professor Barbara Caine, University of Sydney
    Chris Caines, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Grant Caldwell, University of Melbourne
    *Associate Professor Marion Campbell, Deakin University
    Dr Francina Cantatore, Bond University
    *Dr Kylie Cardell, Flinders University
    Dr Beth Cardier, University of Melbourne
    Dr Janene Carey, CQUniversity, Australia
    Associate Professor David Carlin, RMIT University
    Dr Lloyd Carpenter, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    Dr Susan Carson, Queensland University of Technology
    Mark Carthew, Swinburne University
    Dr Antonio Castillo, RMIT University
    Professor Brian Castro, University of Adelaide
    Carmel Cedro, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
    Dr Narola Changkija, Griffith University
    Associate Professor Kate Channock, Latrobe University
    *Dr Anna Clark, University of Technology, Sydney
    *Associate Prof Tom Clark, Victoria University, Melbourne
    Robyn Clarke, AM FSOM, Freudian School of Melbourne
    Professor Catherine Cole, University of Wollongong
    Associate Professor Hart Cohen, University of Western Sydney
    *Dr Janie Conway-Herron, Southern Cross University (ret.)
    Dr Grayson Cook, Southern Cross University
    Dr Stuart Cooke, Griffith University
    Dr Shady Cosgrove, University of Wollongong
    Dr Moya Costello, Southern Cross University
    Associate Professor Gary Crew, University of the Sunshine Coast
    *Dr Jan Cronin, University of Auckland
    John Cumming, Deakin University
    Susan Currie, CQUniversity, Australia
    *Professor John Dale, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Geoff Danaher, CQUniversity, Australia
    Associate Professor Patrick Danaher, University of Southern Queensland
    Dr Adrian Danks, RMIT University
    *Dr Susan Davis, Central Queensland University
    Dr Paul Dawson, University of New South Wales
    *Dr David Day, La Trobe University
    *Dr Laura Deane, Flinders University
    Dirk deBruyn, Deakin University
    Dr Maree Delofski, Macquarie University
    *Professor Marc Delrez, University of Liege, Belgium
    Professor Brian Dibble, Curtin University
    Dr Adam Dickerson, University of Canberra
    Dr Frances Di Lauro, University of Sydney
    *Dr Dan Disney, Sogang University, Korea
    *Professor John Docker, University of Sydney
    Tom Doig, Monash University
    Professor Dianne J Donnelly, University of South Florida
    *Dr. Kath Dooley, Curtin University
    Dr Barbara Doran, University of New South Wales
    Dr Peter Doyle, Macquarie University
    Dr Jean Duruz, University of South Australia
    *Associate Professor Jacqueline Dutton, University of Melbourne
    Dr Tony Eaton, University of Canberra
    Associate Professor Peter Eckersall, University of Melbourne
    Dr Phillip Edmonds, University of Adelaide
    Associate Professor Brian Edwards, Deakin University
    Dr Matt Elliot, Central Queensland University
    Dr Josephine Ellis, Auckland University of Technology
    Dr Anne Elvey, Monash University
    Associate Professor Lisa Emerson, Massey University
    Associate Professor Helen Ennis, Australian National University
    Associate Professor Steve Evans, Flinders University
    *Dr Delia Falconer, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Denise Ferris, Australian National University
    Dr Robin Freeman, Deakin University
    Dr Maria Freij, University of Newcastle
    Dr Marcelle Freiman, Macquarie University
    Dr Jeremy Fisher, University of New England
    Dr Michael Foster, Griffith University
    Dr Rachel Franks, Independent scholar
    Professor Bronwyn Fredericks, Central Queensland University
    Nicolette Freeman, University of Melbourne
    Dr Martin French, University of Melbourne
    Professor John Frow, University of Melbourne
    Dr Danielle Gallegos, Queensland University of Technology
    *Dr Enza Gandolfo, Victoria University, Melbourne
    Dr Stephan Gaunson, RMIT University
    Jane Gavan, Sydney College of the Arts
    *Professor Ken Gelder, University of Melbourne
    *Dr Anna Gibbs, University of Western Sydney, Nepean
    Dr Ross Gibson, University of Sydney
    Professor Terry Gifford, Bath Spa University
    Dr Fiona Giles, University of Sydney
    John Gillies, University of New South Wales
    Dr Kari Gislason, Queensland University of Technology
    Dr Keri Glastonbury, University of Newcastle
    Dr Eileen Goodall, University of the Sunshine Coast
    Dr Ron Goodrich, Deakin University
    Katherine Gordon, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Andrew Gorman-Murray, University of Wollongong
    Dr Clive Graham, Central Queensland University
    Dr Elizabeth Gray, Massey University, New Zealand
    Dr Emily Gray, RMIT University
    Professor Lelia Green, Edith Cowan University
    Dr Stephanie Green, Griffith University
    Professor Michele Grossman, Victoria University
    Dr Cathy Gunn, Auckland University, New Zealand
    Dr Olivia Guntarik, RMIT University
    *Professor Paula Hamilton, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Donna Hancox, Queensland University of Technology
    Professor Barbara de la Harpe, RMIT University
    Professor Graeme Harper, Oakland University, Michigan
    Dr Melissa Harper, University of Queensland
    Associate Professor Bobby Harreveld, CQUniversity, Australia
    *Dr Anne Harris, Monash University
    *Professor Keith Harrison, Vancouver Island University
    Martin Harrison, University of Technology, Sydney
    Professor Scott D Harrison, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University
    Professor Ross Harley, University of New South Wales
    Professor Dennis Haskell, University of Western Australia
    Dr Linda Hassall, Griffith University
    Professor James Hatley, Salisbury University
    Dr Lynda Hawryluk, CQUniversity, Australia
    Susan Hawthorne, Spinifex Press
    Dr Roger Haden, Le Cordon Bleu
    Dr Vanessa Harbour, University of Winchester
    *Dr Linda Hassall, Griffith University
    Associate Professor Dominique Hecq, Swinburne University
    Professor Kurt Heinzelman, University of Texas, Austin
    Dr Margaret Henderson, University of Queensland
    Associate Professor Paul Hetherington, University of Canberra
    Professor Allyson Holbrook, University of Newcastle
    Dr Barbara Holloway, Australian National University
    Dr Lucille Holmes, Auckland University
    Dr David Homer, University of South Australia
    Dr Nicholas Hookway, University of Tasmania
    Professor Jeanette Hoorn, University of Melbourne
    Professor Mike Horsley, Central Queensland University
    Associate Professor Rick Hosking, Flinders University
    Dr Mark Houlahan, University of Waikato, New Zealand
    *Dr Deborah Hunn, Curtin University
    Associate Professor Helen Huntly, CQUniversity, Australia
    Dr Lesley Instone, University of Newcastle
    Antoni Jach, RMIT University
    Dr Tim Jarvis, Glasgow University
    *Dr Amanda Johnson, University of Melbourne
    Associate Professor Jane Johnston, Bond University
    Lainie Jones, Southern Cross University
    Professor Nick Jose, University of Western Sydney
    Dr Sue Joseph, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Hester Joyce, LaTrobe University
    Dr Christopher Kelen, University of Macau
    Dr Derrin Kerr, Central Queensland University
    Dr Heather Kerr, University of Adelaide
    Dr Susan Kerrigan, University nof Newcastle
    Dr Susie Khamis, Macquarie University
    Dr Rimi Khan, University of Melbourne
    Professor Diane Kirkby, La Trobe University
    Associate Professor Helen Klaebe, Queensland University of Technology
    Professor Bruce A Knight, Central Queensland University
    Anneli Knight, University of Technology, Sydney
    *Dr Natalie Kon-yu, Victoria University, Melbourne
    *Professor Nigel Krauth, Griffith University
    Professor Jeri Kroll, Flinders University
    Gerry LaFemina, Frostburg State University, MD
    Professor Ian Lang, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne
    *Linda Lappin, poet and novelist
    Dr Anthony Lawrence, Griffith University
    Dr Deana Leahy, Monash University
    *Dr Carolyne Lee, University of Melbourne
    Dr Jenny Lee, Victoria University, Melbourne
    Dr Megan Le Masurier, University of Sydney
    Dr Joshua Lobb, University of Wollongong
    Dr Jarryd Luke, Queensland University of Technology
    *Dr Gay Lynch, Flinders University
    *Dr Willa MacDonald, Macquarie University
    Dr Elizabeth Catherine MacFarlane, University of Melbourne
    *Associate Professor Anthony Macris, University of Technology, Sydney
    Dr Wendy Madsen, CQ University, Australia
    *Associate Professor Paul Magee, University of Canberra
    Dr Mark Marino, University of Southern California
    Dr James Marland, Australian Catholic University
    Associate Professor Adrian Martin, Monash Universtiy
    Dr Victor Marsh, University of Queensland
    Associate Professor Leon Marvell, Deakin Universtiy
    Thembi Mason, RMIT University
    *Dr Ari Mattes, University of Notre Dame Australia
    Professor Freya Mathews, Latrobe University
    *Dr Jerome Boyd Maunsell, Kingston University, London
    Professor Margaret McAllister, Central Queensland University
    Dr Neil McCaw, University of Winchester
    Associate Professor David McCooey, Deakin University
    Dr Lyn McCredden, Deakin University
    Dr Jennifer McDonell, University of New England
    Elizabeth McIntyre, University of Canberra
    *Professor Mark McKenna, University of Sydney
    Sophie McKenzie, Deakin University
    Dr Catherine McKinnon, University of Wollongong
    Professor Nigel McLoughlin, University of Gloucestershire
    John McMullan, Murdoch University
    Associate Professor Scott McQuire, University of Melbourne
    David McVey, University of the West of Scotland
    Professor Phillip Mead, University of Western Australia
    Professor Andrew Melrose, University of Winchester
    *Dr Tim Metcalf, Poet
    Professor Philip Mead, University of Western Australia
    Dr Martin Mhando, Murdoch University
    Dr Adrian Miles, RMIT University
    Tim Milfull, Queensland University of Technology
    Professor Kathryn Millard, Macquarie University
    Dr Benjamin Miller, University of Sydney
    Ken Miller, Curtin University
    Ron Miller, University of Canberra
    Dr Euan Mitchell, Monash University
    Paul Mitchell, Victoria University
    Anny Mokotow, University of Melbourne
    Dr Chris Morgan, Southern Cross University
    Dr Rachel Morley, University of Western Sydney
    Professor Stephen Muecke, University of New South Wales
    Dr Vivienne Muller, Queensland University of Technology
    Dr Martin Mulligan, RMIT University
    Paul Munden, Director National Association of Writers in Education, England
    Dr Ffion Murphy, Edith Cowan University
    Leo Murray, Murdoch University
    Dr David Musgrave, University of Newcastle
    Dr Kavita Nandan, University of the South Pacific
    Dr Gregory Nash, University of the Sunshine Coast
    *Dr Lucy Neave, Australian National University
    Professor Philip Neilsen, Queensland University of Technology
    Dr Camilla Nelson, University of Notre Dame Australia
    Jason Nelson, Griffith University
    Professor Klaus Neuman, Swinburne University
    Professor Norie Neumark, La Trobe University
    Dr Nadia Niaz, University of Melbourne
    Dr Mark Nicholls, University of Melbourne
    Dr Sue North, Monash University
    Charmaine O’Brien, Central Queensland University
    Dr Ben O’Mara, Victoria University
    Professor Baden Offord, Southern Cross University
    Dr Christine Owen, Murdoch University
    Associate Professor Alison Owens, Central Queensland University
    Associate Professor Steven Pace, Central Queensland University
    Debbie Page, Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand
    *Dr Sue Page, University of South Australia
    Professor Nikos Papastergiardis, University of Melbourne
    Dr Cameron Parsell, University of Queensland
    Dr Julie Parsons, Plymouth University, UK
    Dr Eddie Paterson, University of Melbourne
    *Professor Herman J Paul, Leiden University
    Kelly Peake, Queen Mary University of London
    Professor Sharyn Pearce, Queensland University of Technology
    Dr Gaylene (Indi) Perry, Deakin University
    Associate Professor J Fiona Peterson, RMIT University
    Dr Josko Petkovic, Murdoch University
    Dr Lorna Piatti-Farnell, Auckland University of Technology
    *Dr Deborah Pike, University of Notre Dame Australia
    Associate Professor Glen Phillips, Edith Cowan University
    Dr Derek Pigrum, Vienna International School & University of Bath
    *Dr Sarah Pinto, Deakin University
    Gail Pittaway, Waikato Institute of Technology
    *Dr Antonia Pont, Deakin University
    Dr Emily Potter, Deakin University
    Dr Susan Potter, University of New England
    Sian Prior, RMIT University
    Professor Beverley Raphael, University of Western Sydney
    Lyn Reeves, Pardalote Press
    Dr Kerry Reid-Seale, Central Queensland University
    Dr Gerth Reifarth, University of Melbourne
    *Associate Professor Francesca Rendle-Short, RMIT University
    Dr Clare Rhoden, University of Melbourne
    Professor Matthew Ricketson, University of Canberra
    Dr Carolyn Rickett, Avondale College of Higher Education
    Dr Toni Risson, Indpendent scholar
    Emeritus Professor Kevin Roberts, Vancouver Island University
    Melanie Rodriga, Murdoch University
    Dr Karen Le Rossignol, Deakin University
    Dr Kay Rozynski, University of Melbourne
    Associate Professor John Rundell, University of Melbourne
    Penni Russon, author
    Bernadette Ryan, Central Queensland University
    *Dr Michael Sala, University of Newcastle
    Professor Barbara Santich, University of Adelaide
    *Kim Satchell, Southern Cross University
    Professor Edward Scheer, University of New South Wales
    Dr Jill Scevak. University of Newcastle
    Dr Tony Schirato, University of Victoria, Wellington
    Associate Professor Katrina Schlunke, University of Technology, Sydney
    *Stephen Sculley, RMIT University
    Dr Kirsten Seale, RMIT University
    Professor Tom Shapcott, University of Adelaide
    *Associate Professor Michael Sharkey, University of New England
    Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright, Griffith University
    Dr Beverley Simmons, University of Newcastle
    Dr Maria Simms, Southern Cross University
    Dr Margaret Simons, University of Melbourne
    Dr Lindsay Simpson, James Cook University
    Dr Paul Skrebels, University of South Australia
    Dr Gillian Skyrme, Massey University, New Zealand
    Professor Hazel Smith, University of Western Sydney
    *Josiane Smith, University of Melbourne
    Dr David Sornig, Flinders University
    Associate Professor Robyn Stewart, University of Southern Queensland
    Associate Professor Cheryl Stock, Queensland University of Technology
    *Shane Strange, Deakin University
    Dr Sean Sturm, Auckland University
    Dr Anne Surma, Murdoch University
    Dr Miriam Sved, University of Melbourne
    *Dr Maria Takolander, Deakin University
    Professor Andrew Taylor, Edith Cowan University
    *Stayci Taylor, RMIT University
    Associate Professor Susan Thomas, Sydney University
    Graham Thorburn, Australian Film Radio and Television School
    Dr Robyn Tudor, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
    Professor Herman van Eyken, Griffith University
    *Dr Julienne van Loon, Curtin University
    *Dr Ariella van Luyn, James Cook University
    Associate Professor Laurene Vaughan, RMIT University
    *Dr James Vickers, University of New England
    *Dr Anne Vickery, Deakin University
    Professor Pierre Viljoen, CQ University, Australia
    Winthrop Professor Brenda Walker, University of Western Australia
    Dr Catherine Wallace, Independent Scholar
    Dr Derek Wallace, Victoria University, New Zealand
    Emeritus Professor Chris Wallace-Crabbe, University of Melbourne
    Dr Deb Waterhouse-Watson, Monash University
    Dr Marcus Waters, Griffith University
    Dr Ross Watkins, University of the Sunshine Coast
    Allan Wearne, University of Wollongong
    Distinguished Professor Jennifer Webb, University of Canberra
    Dr Jenny Weight, RMIT University
    Sarah St Vincent Welch, University of Canberra
    *John Weldon, Victoria University, Melbourne
    Dr Adele Wessell, Southern Cross Uniuversity
    Dr Patrick West, Deakin University
    *Dr Linda Weste, University of Melbourne
    Dr David Whish-Wilson, Curtin University
    Professor Terri-Ann White, Director, University of Western Australia Publishing
    Associate Professor Mitchell Whitelaw, University of Canberra
    *Dr Jessica Wilkinson, RMIT University
    Lili Wilkinson, author
    Dr Jordan Williams, University of Canberra
    *Dr Paul Williams, University of the Sunshine Coast
    Associate Professor Dugald Williamson, University of New England
    Dr Rosemary Williamson, University of New England
    *Dr Rohan Wilson, University of Melbourne
    Dr Peter Wise, Griffith University
    Alison Wishart, Australian War Memorial
    Professor Claire Woods, University of South Australia
    Associate Professor Wally Woods, CQUniversity, Australia
    Dr Sue Woolfe, University of Sydney
    Professor Tony Worsley, University of Wollongong
    Dr David Wright, University of Western Sydney
    Associate Professor Sherman Young, Macquarie University
    Dr Arnold Zable, University of Melbourne
    Komninos Zervos, Griffith University

Referees may be contacted via the office of TEXT. It is TEXT policy that all refereeing is undertaken confidentially.

If you would like to offer your services as a referee please contact the TEXT office outlining your areas of interest and expertise.

Vol 19 No 1 April 2015
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Enza Gandolfo & Linda Weste