Special Issue Website Series
Number 11 April 2011

ASPERA: New Screens, New Producers, New Learning
Papers from the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association Conference of July 2010

Edited by Michael Broderick and Gillian Leahy


Michael Broderick and Gillian Leahy
Introduction – The Creative Screen Production Sector in Australia Now

Andrew Taylor
Dead but still/moving – the slide show and documentary, a space between documentary and cinema

David Carlin, Paul Ritchard, Christine Rogers, Anthony Fryatt and Roger Kemp
The Motel project: reflections on a film production/interior design collaboration

Leo Berkeley
Between Chaos and Control: improvisation in the screen production process

Alex Munt
New Directions in Music Video: Vincent Moon and the ‘ascetic aesthetic’

Katherine Nash
Beyond the Frame: Documentary ethics from the participant’s perspective

Rose Woodcock
Predatory Vision: 3D imaging and the transformation of screen-space

Rachel Wilson
The ASPERA digital online archive/repository: Key Issues Facing The Contemporary Moving Image Archive

Nicholas Oughton
Managing Occupational Risk In The Creative Industries: A New Perspective — Or Has OHS Reached Its Use-By Date?

Susan Kerrigan, Pieter Aquilia, Jill Holt and Nicholas Oughton
Australian Universities approaches to Occupational Risk Management for Screen Production

Jennifer Stokes and Alison Wotherspoon
New world order? Challenges for screen production education in convergence culture

Pieter Aquilia and Susan Kerrigan
Globalising Australian Screen Production Curricula



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TEXT Special Issue No 11 ASPERA: New Screens, New Producers, New Learning
April 2011
Editors: Michael Broderick and Gillian Leahy
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Donna Lee Brien
General Editors: Nigel Krauth & Kevin Brophy