Number 2 (April 2001)



Writing On-line/On-line Writing

This second volume in the TEXT Special Issue Website Series is devoted to Writing On-line and On-line Writing. At the Writing 2000 conference several papers addressed the new forms of literature that are now abundant on the Web (World Wide Web). Most forms we associate with print based literature have been transmediated to the Web. Booksellers, book publishers, literary magazines and authors have embraced the new mode of delivery and established a presence as a digital virtual existence, complimenting their print-based formats. New literary magazines and refereed journals have been established which have no hard-copy equivalent e.g. TEXT. Prizes are being offered for works unique to the Web. Academic research has, and is, being undertaken using on-line writing, and the new forms specific to this mode of delivery.

There is an ever increasing pressure for creative writing programs and schools teaching literatures in English, to offer subjects in these areas. Of course the pressure to teach in these areas is not coming from the newness of the medium, or the emergence of new forms, or the possiblities for collaboration and on-line writing about writing. The pressure is coming rather from the need to write well, irrespective of the mode of delivery.

With the generous sponsorship of Dr. Patricia Wise, Head of School of the School of Arts, Griffith University, Gold Coast, we have been able to commission for this issue new exclusive on-line writing from leading international practitioners.

Commissioned works will be released, one a month, over a four month period, and subscribers to TEXT will be invited to comment on the on-line writing via an e-mail discussion group.

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Text_On_line - E-mail Discussion List

This discussion list is for subscribers of TEXT - the on-line Journal of the Australian Association of Writing Programs and anyone who is interested in the teaching of creative writing.

This On-line Workshop is being initiated to compliment the second TEXT Special Issue, on Writing On-line/On-line Writing. The new writing that will appear as hypermedia poetry, prose and theory should generate some healthy discussion on this list, this list being a perfect forum for such discussion.

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Komninos Zervos,
Writing On-line/On-line Writing
Text Special Issue No 2.


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