Special Issues Series
Number 45 October 2017

Writing Death and Dying

Edited by Donna Lee Brien



Donna Lee Brien
Introduction: writing death and dying

Rachel Spencer
Dignifying the poisoned chalice: the ethical challenges of using archival material in a narrative about death and arsenic

Sue Bond
Speaking through the things of their lives: writing a memoir with my parents’ melancholy objects

Rachel Franks
Writing the death of Joseph Luker: true crime reportage in colonial Sydney

Elizabeth Ellison
Facing death on the Australian beach: examining fear and transcendence

Margaret McAllister and Donna Lee Brien
Death, nursing and writing ambiguous characters

Lauren O’Mahony
Death and the Australian rural romance novel

Kathryn Trees
Response and Response-ability to the death of others who are vulnerable

Gail Pittaway
Food for finality: feeding the bereaved and ‘feasting’ the dead

Matt Eliot
The white lady of mourning: glamour, power and a woman’s understanding

Martin Lodge
Illuminations: a proposed taxonomy for death-inspired works in Western art music

Bambi Ward
The role of narrative in easing pain: blurred roles of health professional and carer

Julia Prendergast
A Wake

Lynda Hawryluk
Blue berries

Gail Pittaway

Leanne Dodd
Ebb and Flow





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TEXT Special Issue No 45 Writing Death and Dying
October 2017
Editor: Donna Lee Brien
TEXT Special Issues Editors: Dallas John Baker and Ross Watkins
General Editor: Nigel Krauth