Special Issues Series
Number 46 October 2017

Prose Poetry

Edited by Monica Carroll, Shane Strange and Jen Webb



Monica Carroll, Shane Strange and Jen Webb
Tracing the prose poem: an introduction

Michel Delville
The prose poem and the microessay

Margueritte Murphy
What titles tell us: The prose poem in the little magazines of early modernism

Peter Johnson
The prose poem and the comic: on Russell Edson’s ‘The Manual of Sleep’

Dominique Hecq
Unsounding the darkness

Owen Bullock
Erasure and gift: Alan Loney’s prose poetry

Alyson Miller
‘words about words make sure self’: Ania Walwicz and a politics of prose poetry

Mags Webster
Witches’ butter, golden spindles, bell-shaped mottlegill1: the multiple identities of the prose poem

Lisa Matthews
Poetic sequencing and multi-aspect prose-poetry

Cathryn Perazzo and Sif Dal
Flash fiction, prose poetry and ambiguity: The distinction between flash fiction and prose poetry on ambiguous terms

Amanda Johnson
Poetry after the epic: Migratory prose/questing poetics

Sue Joseph
Found poetry as literary cartography: Mapping Australia with prose poems

PQR Anderson
Earmarks: Fragments from the notebooks

Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton
Eyes inside words: Prose poetry, imagism, aesthetic empathy and autobiographical memory

Paul Munden
Playing with time: Prose poetry and the elastic moment

Shane Strange
Formless form, or the return of form? Prose poetry in practice and theory

Monica Carroll and Jen Webb
‘Defiant formlessness’: Prose poem as process

The Prose Poetry Project
The Prose Poetry Project: an introduction and five vignettes


PQR Anderson
Cassandra Atherton
Owen Bullock
Anne Caldwell
Monica Carroll
Justin Clemens
Oliver Comins
Jennifer Crawford
Lucy Dougan
Carrie Etter
Niloofar Fanaiyan
Ross Gibson
Stephanie Green
Charlotte Guest
Oz Hardwick
Dominique Hecq
Paul Hetherington
Penelope Layland
Rupert M Loydell
Nigel McLoughlin
Andrew Melrose
Paul Munden
Alvin Pang
Maggie Shapley
Julian Stannard
Shane Strange
Jen Webb
Jordan Williams




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TEXT Special Issue No 46 Prose Poetry
October 2017
Editors: Monica Carroll, Shane Strange and Jen Webb
TEXT Special Issues Editors: Dallas John Baker and Ross Watkins
General Editor: Nigel Krauth