Special Issues Series
Number 49 April 2018

Writing and Gaming

Edited by Ross Watkins, Maria Takolander, Alayna Cole and Rhett Davis


Maria Takolander and Ross Watkins
Introduction: Writing and gaming

Leena van Deventer
Teaching writing for videogames

Dan Golding
Writing games: Popular and critical videogame writing over time

Maria Takolander
What games writing teaches us about creative writing: A case study of The Fullbright Company’s Gone Home

Mez Breeze
All the Delicate Duplicates: Game building with[In] Mezangelle

Katryna Starks
Branched and parsed: The tools of interactive narrative writing

Dakoda Barker
A story without words: Challenges crafting narrative in the videogame Rise

Alayna Cole
Connecting player and character agency in videogames

Brooke Maggs
Surveying VR storytelling: Investigating key terminology and the role of the procedural author

Matthew S. S. Johnson
Building the character: Imagined consciousness in roleplaying videogames

Ross Watkins
Waking up as Alan: Game novelisation and the player-reader-writer

Rhett Davis
Making it old and new: Intermedial print-digital approaches to the novel as response to media competition




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TEXT Special Issue No 49 Writing and Gaming
April 2018
Editors: Ross Watkins, Maria Takolander, Alayna Cole and Rhett Davis
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Dallas John Baker
General Editor: Nigel Krauth