Special Issues Series
Number 50 Ocotber 2018

Life narrative in troubled times

Edited by Kate Douglas, Donna Lee Brien and Kylie Cardell



Kylie Cardell, Kate Douglas and Donna Lee Brien
Life narrative in troubled times

Kate Douglas
Do young people keep diaries anymore?: Instagram as life narrative

Jo Loth and Ginna Brock
Life narratives and The Centre: a call for action

Christine Wiesenthal           
The ‘impossible truth’ of writing off the subject: Anne Carson’s decreation poetics and ‘The glass essay’

Sue Bond
Troubling the life narrative: the case of Binjamin Wilkomirski’s Fragments: Memories of a childhood, 1939-1948

Rachel Spencer
Troubling narratives of true crime: Helen Garner’s This House of Grief and Megan Norris’ On Father’s Day

Alison L Black
Time to remember: a portrait of my mother

Amy Benn
The final letter

Kiera Lindsey
‘Deliberate freedom’: using speculation and imagination in historical biography

Hoshino Ayako
Yone Noguchi: curating an international self by ‘being a poet’

Gail Pittaway
In the country

Gay Lynch
Writing life as a method of discovery

Pamela Greet and Michelle Vlatkovic
Narrating and navigating troubling times: writers and readers

Antonia Pont
Yellow-tailed black cockatoos




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TEXT Special Issue No 50 Life narrative in troubled times
October 2018
Editors: Kate Douglas, Donna Lee Brien and Kylie Cardell
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Dallas John Baker
General Editor: Nigel Krauth