Special Issues Series
Number 51 Ocotber 2018

Climates of Change
Papers from the 2017 AAWP annual conference

Edited by Patrick Allington, Piri Eddy and Melanie Pryor



Patrick Allington, Piri Eddy and Melanie Pryor
Introduction: ‘Climates of Change’, papers from the 2017 AAWP annual conference

Rosemary Williamson
Writing, water and woe: the natural environment in Australian Women’s Weekly feature articles on flood, 1934-2011

Paul Munden and Anouska Zummo
The Four Seasons in flux: Interpreting Nigel Kennedy through a hybrid biography

Cat Sparks and Rose Michael
Why speculate – the current state of ‘spec-fic’ publishing

Debra Wain and Penelope Jane Jones
Food, Fears and Anxieties in Climate Change Fiction

Ian McHugh
The narrative of assemblage (and the assemblage of narrative)

Sue Joseph and John Dale
To edit or not to edit? Why is editing academic collections not recognised in the Humanities?

Ariella Van Luyn and Robyn Glade-Wright
Changing tertiary landscapes for the artist-academic: towards a framework for nurturing creative arts research beyond the PhD

Shady Cosgrove
Size matters: class numbers and the creative writing workshop

Kay Are
Touching stories: Objects, writing, diffraction and the ethical hazard of self-reflexivity

Julian Novitz
Digital publishing and the Australian novella: considering the Impact of Nick Earls’ The Wisdom Tree Sequence

Leanne Dodd
The perfect crime: trauma writing strategies in crime fiction

Kerstin Kugler
‘Faith, Love, and Hope’: reading the maturation process in Matthew Quick’s Sorta Like a Rock Star through a Kristevan lens

Janice Simpson
Our Father, Who Art in Heaven: reflecting on how Christian text can influence nonfiction writing




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TEXT Special Issue No 51 Climates of Change: Papers from the 2017 AAWP annual conference
October 2018
Editors: Patrick Allington, Piri Eddy and Melanie Pryor
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Dallas John Baker
General Editor: Nigel Krauth