Special Issues Series
Number 57 October 2019

Peripheral Visions

Edited by Deborah Hunn, Ffion Murphy, Catherine Noske and Anne Surma



Deborah Hunn, Ffion Murphy, Catherine Noske and Anne Surma
Introduction: Peripheral Visions

Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton
Peripheral knowledge and feeling: the Perimeters poems

Mags Webster
Contemplating language as ‘an edge that never arrives’ in Emily Dickinson’s poetry

Belinda Castles
‘A body in time’: reading and writing Australian literature

Christine Howe
Writing on common ground: the lyric essay as a decolonising form

Joshua Lobb
Relational ethics: writing about birds; writing about humans

Christina Yin
Narrative inquiry, creative nonfiction and two braided stories of the rehabilitation and release of orang-utans in Sebuyau, Sarawak

Stayci Taylor, Kim Munro and Peta Murray
Advanced diarology: mortification, materiality and meaning-making

Emily Sun
Macbeth of Kelantan

Amelia Walker and Corinna Di Niro
Creative duoethnography: a collaborative methodology for arts research

Pamela Mair Blamey and Elena Volkova
Thresholds of change

Vahri McKenzie
The Other Writing Group: an embodied workshop

Josephine Taylor
Affectionate love: an autoethnographic investigation into a dark inheritance

Julia Prendergast
Much of a muchness 

Carolyn Rickett, Sue Joseph, Maria Northcote, Beverly J Christian and John Seddon
Peripheries and praxis: the effect of rubric co-construction on student perceptions of their learning

Donna Lee Brien, Alison Owens, Craig Batty, Elizabeth Ellison
Investigating candidates’ research experience beyond the thesis: the peripheral world of the doctorate

Karen Le Rossignol
Disrupting leaps of experience: digital storyworlds, transformative poiesis/praxis and narrative agency

Julian Novitz
Anxieties of obsolescence and transformation: digital technology in contemporary Australian literary fiction

Daniel Baker
Anywhere, out where: fantasy, psychosis, and writing worlds

Sarah Mokrzycki
Out of sight: the censoring of family diversity in picture books

Meg Vann
Genre and gender: reading domestic noir through the lens of feminist criminology

Vivienne Glance and Hélène Jaccomard 
A common space: translation, transcreation, and drama

David McCooey
Peripheral hearing: ‘collaborative audio literature’ and the uncanny




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TEXT Special Issue No 57 Peripheral Visions
October 2019
Editors: Deborah Hunn, Ffion Murphy, Catherine Noske and Anne Surma

TEXT Special Issues Editors: Dallas John Baker, Craig Batty & Liz Ellison
General Editor: Nigel Krauth