By Melissa Masters

This is designed to be a picture-book for young children. A little girl is playing imaginary games.


Zoe imagines...

There's a witch in the wardrobe, concocting a potion craftily. (Cackle, cackle...)

There's a tiger in the tree-house, prowling her territory warily. (Grooowwwl.)

There's a monkey in Mum's make-up, painting faces and smooching kisses. (Smaack!)

There's a dragon in the doorway, breathing fire ferociously. (Rooaaar!)

There's a kangaroo in the kitchen, cooking cup-cakes for her joey. (I'm hungry Mummy.!)

There's a hippo in the hammock, humming a tune happily. (Hum de dum de dum...)

There's a ghost in the guest room, spooking our friends and giggling with glee.(Hee, hee, hee. )

There's a bunyip in the book corner, buried in a beanbag and reading a story. (Once upon a time there was a bunyip…)

There's a princess in the pergola, plaiting her hair prettily. (Oh, how lovely I am!)

There's a clown on the clothes-line, juggling balls and balancing cleverly. (Look at me!)

There's a bandicoot in the backyard, blowing up balloons for a birthday party. (Pop!)

There's a monster in the mulch-pile, groaning and moaning fearfully. (Oooo-aaaah!)

There's a fairy in the fig tree, feasting on fruit and swinging like a monkey. (Wheeee...)

There's a seal on the slippery dip, sliding down it playfully. (Yippee')

There's a panda in the pantry, chewing on bamboo lazily. (Munch, munch...)

There's a dinosaur at the dining table, eating and drinking decadently. (M-mmm…)

There's an angel in the attic, yawning and stretching sleepily. (()ohh...)

There's a lion in the lounge-room, snoozing on the rug languidly. (Zzzzzzzz…)

Zoe is dreaming...

All of her friends have come for tea.

Copyright 1999
Melissa Masters