TEXT Vol 11 No 1 April 2007




'The problem has more to do with creative writing courses…'?

Brad Haseman
Tightrope Writing: Creative Writing Programs in the RQF Environment

Debra Adelaide
The Voice of the Text

Claire Woods
Making strange with bold moves - what next for student, supervisor and examiner? Or, No Blueprint: Assessing the (creative) exegesis

Donna Lee Brien
Developing and Enhancing Creativity: A Case Study of the Special Challenges of Teaching Writing in Hong Kong

Kevin Brophy
Writing PhDs: Integrational Linguistics and a New Poetics for the PhD

Erin Wilcox
Custer's Ideological Fantasy

Michael Beresford
Writing for stage: a beckettian template

Emily Sutherland
Historical Lives in Fiction, Characters in Fiction: Are they the same people?

Phillip Edmonds
Interrogating creative writing outcomes: Wet Ink as a new model

Keri Glastonbury
Critical Animals



Kevin Brophy
How to read a poem

Joel Deane
reading. About

Stephen Lawrence
Something needs my attention



The Australian Writer's Marketplace: 2007/08 edition
reviewed by Valerie Jeremijenko

Mark Tredinnick The Little Red Writing Book
reviewed by Scott Downman

Jane Smiley 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel: What to Read and How to Write
reviewed by Theresa Lauf

Jen Webb Proverbs from Sierra Leone
Jen Webb Ways of Getting By
reviewed by Moya Costello

Michael Wilding National Treasure
reviewed by Nigel Krauth




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Vol 11 No 1 April 2007
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb