TEXT Vol 12 No 1 April 2008


What is driving writing-academics, just at present?

Paul Dawson
Creative writing and postmodern interdisciplinarity

Jordan Williams and Jen Webb
Writing/rights: creative practice and political action

Ffion Murphy and Philip Neilsen
Recuperating writers - and writing: the potential of writing therapy

Jane Johnston and Nigel Krauth
Peer reviewing: privilege and responsibility

Donna Lee Brien
More than just a good nosh up: women and Australian food writing

Sue Page
Fiction from fatality: creative exploration of the Holocaust in fiction for young people

Roanna Gonsalves and Janet Chan
Creating fiction: Bourdieu's theory and writing practice

Rosemary Williamson
The case of the writer, the academic and the magazine

Allan Robins
Representing Indigeneity: a reflection on motivation and issues

Karin Vesk
Notes on reading, provocation (and disruption)

Kristen Davis and Sarah St Vincent Welch
(K)nots and nots: teaching creative writing and creative reading

B N Oakman, On the back of poetry
John De Laine, She smiled
Paul Magee, That trees are graves at every step



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Vol 12 No 1 April 2008
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb