TEXT Vol 15 No 1 April 2011


Provocative publishing

Text Special Issue Number 10
Creative Writing in the Asia-Pacific Region
Edited by Jane Camens and Dominique Wilson

Text Special Issue Number 11
ASPERA: New Screens, New Producers, New Learning: Papers from the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association Conference of July 2010
Edited by Michael Broderick and Gillian Leahy

Andrew Cowan
Blind spots: what creative writing doesn’t know

Nigel Krauth
Evolution of the exegesis: the radical trajectory of the creative writing doctorate in Australia

Greg Nash
The creative writing kaleidoscope

David McVey
The tipsy journalist and the playful novelist

Dan Disney
Sublime writers, sceptical re-readers: toward recuperating Paul de Man’s problematics of reading

Antonia Pont
Inaccurate Autobiography – the ‘true-invention’ of a life

Victor Marsh
Bent kid, straight world: life writing and the reconfiguration of ‘queer’

Nicola Alter
Creating a sense of place in fantasy fiction

David Azul
Phononostalgia: a fictocritical investigation into discordant notions of ‘voice’ in speech and writing



Janie Conway-Herron, Beneath the Grace of Clouds
review by Enza Gandolfo
Susan Bradley Smith, Super Modern Prayer Book
review by Alison Clifton
Dominique Hecq, Out of Bounds
review by Helen Gildfind
Sue Woolfe, The Mystery of the Cleaning Lady
review by Dianne Morris
Nicola Humble, Cake; Andrew Dalby, Cheese; Helen Saberi, Tea; and Janet Clarkson, Soup
review by Donna Lee Brien
Ramona Koval, Speaking Volumes: Conversations with remarkable writers
review by Anneli Knight
J Garry Knowles & Ardra L Cole (eds), Handbook of the arts in qualitative research: Perspectives, methodologies, examples, and issues
review by Sandra Burr
George Orwell, Some Thoughts on the Common Toad
review by Tessa Chudy
Charles Dickens, Night Walks
review by Emily Sutherland
David Brooks & Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: The Romance Edition Vol 70 No 2
review by Tessa Chudy
James Bradley (ed), The Penguin Book of the Ocean
review by Alice Robinson
John Freeman (ed), Granta 113 The Best of Young Spanish Language Novelists
review by Luke McKechnie
Susan Hampton, News of the Insect World
review by Emily Bitto
Claire Potter, Swallow
review by Sandra Burr
Robyn Rowland, Seasons of Doubt and Burning: New and Selected Poems
review by Jay Daniel Thompson



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Vol 15 No 1 April 2011
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Kevin Brophy