TEXT Vol 16 No 1 April 2012


Writing in the Year of Reading

Text Special Issue Number 13
Creativity: Cognitive, social and cultural perspectives
Edited by Nigel McLoughlin and Donna Lee Brien

Andrew Melrose
The hidden adult and the hiding child in writing for children?

Franci Cantatore
Authors, copyright and the digital evolution

Andrew Cowan
A live event, a life event: The workshop that works

Craig Bolland
A Freirian reading of online writing workshops

Lucy Neave
Teaching writing process

Glenda Banks and Martin Andrew
Migrating from nonfiction to fiction – a practice-led approach drawing on a literary journalist’s notional tool-box

Natalie Kon-yu
‘The recounting of a life is a cheat’: Unreliable narration and fragmentary memory in historical fiction

Michael Richardson
Who speaks? Torture and the ethics of voice

Bernadette Brennan
Frameworks of grief: Narrative as an act of healing in contemporary memoir

Jen Webb and Michael Rosen
Killing the conceptual: Knowing, research, and poetry for children. A conversation between Michael Rosen and Jen Webb

Review Article
Donna Lee Brien
‘First catch your Weka’: A tasting plate of recent New Zealand food writing

Harley Carter, Death by second person

Gregory A Gould, Two poems
Chris Mooney-Singh, The last Balmainians, 1980
Les Wicks, Two poems

Stephanie M Vanderslice, Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Education: Programs and Practices that Work
review by Kevin Brophy
Andrew Cowan, The Art of Writing Fiction
review by Jeremy Fisher
Janet Mackenzie, The Editor’s Companion, 2nd edition
review by Rowena McDonald
Francesca Rendle-Short, Bite Your Tongue
review by Dominique Hecq
Patrick West, The World Swimmers
review by Sandra Burr
Sandra Arnold, Sing No Sad Songs: Losing a Daughter to Cancer
review by Ruth Williams
David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: Modern Mobilities: Australian-Transnational Writing
review by Jay Daniel Thompson
The Editors of Tin House Books (eds), The Writer’s Notebook: Craft Essays from Tin House
review by Sue Bond
The Editors of Tin House Books (eds), The World Within: Writers Talk
review by Helen Gildfind
Mal McKimmie, The Brokenness Sonnets I-III & Other Poems
review by Marion May Campbell
Meg Heggen, Dreaming of More Than Foxtails
review by Moya Costello
Michael Hyde, All Along the Watchtower: Memoir of a Sixties Revolutionary
review by Emily Sutherland
Laura Parker and Jacalyn Sinnett (eds), Offset No. 11
review by Victoria Reeve



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Vol 16 No 1 April 2012
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Enza Gandolfo