TEXT Vol 17 No 1 April 2013


Who really did offer the first creative writing course…?

Text Special Issue Number 17
Mud map: Australian women’s experimental writing
Edited by Moya Costello, Barbara Brooks, Anna Gibbs and Rosslyn Prosser

Julian Meyrick
Does culture need explaining?

Darren Tofts
When avatars attack! Anxiety, the creative act and the art of steam

Marion May Campbell
Polyamorous ventriloquy: Loiterature as textual cruising

Stephanie Bishop
Silent reading: The read voice

Anne Surma
Writing otherwise: A critical cosmopolitan approach to reflecting on writing and reading practices in fiction and non-fiction

Sue Joseph
The Lonely Girl: Investigating the scholarly nexus of trauma life-writing and process in tertiary institutions

Ariella van Luyn
Artful life stories: Enriching creative writing practice through oral history

Paul Williams
Writing the memoir of self-erasure: A practice-led exploration of constructing and deconstructing the coloniser-who-refuses

Dan Disney
Three stones: ‘Objectivism’ as poetic mode in Szymborska, Bonnefoy, and Choi


Kate Elkington, In Pieces
Sian Ellett, Grief by Numbers
Anne Rutherford, William Kentridge’s Black Box: The Cog that Turns the Wheel


Anonymous, Working Hot


Dianne Donnelly and Graeme Harper (eds), Key Issues in Creative Writing
review by Jeremy Fisher
Graeme Harper (ed), Inside Creative Writing: Interviews with Contemporary Writers
review by Dallas J Baker
Carl Vandermeulen, Negotiating the Personal in Creative Writing
review by Sue Bond
Elaine Walker (ed), Teaching Creative Writing
review by Helen Gildfind
Leonie Kramer, Broomstick: Personal Reflections of Leonie Kramer
review by Laurie Hergenhan
Lisa Jacobson, The Sunlit Zone
review by Elizabeth Claire Alberts
Michael Sharkey, Another Fine Morning in Paradise
review by Jeremy Fisher
Michele Cahill, Vishvarūpa
review by Tina Giannoukos
Libby Hart, This Floating World
review by Jo Langdon
Anthony Lynch, Night Train
review by Jay Daniel Thompson
Goldie Goldbloom, You Lose These + Other Stories
review by Victoria Reeve
David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (guest eds), Southerly: A Nest of Bunyips
review by Sandra Burr



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Vol 17 No 1 April 2013
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Kevin Brophy & Enza Gandolfo