TEXT Vol 19 No 1 April 2015


Money, money, money

Text Special Issue Number 28
Fictional histories and historical fictions: Writing history in the twenty-first century
Edited by Camilla Nelson and Christine de Matos

Text Special Issue Number 29
Scriptwriting as Creative Writing Research II
Edited by Dallas John Baker, Craig Batty, Debra Beattie and Susan Davis

Robin Freeman and Karen Le Rossignol
Writer-as-narrator: Engaging the debate around the (un)reliable narrator in memoir and the personal essay

June Alexander, Donna Lee Brien and Margaret McAllister
Diaries are ‘better than novels, more accurate than histories, and even at times more dramatic than plays’: Revisiting the diary for creative writers

Dominique Hecq
Parodic manoeuvres and differentials in Janet Frame’s The Carpathians

Ross Watkins
Remarkable analogue constructions of the author/illustrator: Re-imagining textual spaces of the book as object

Aashish Kaul
Narrate or describe?

Julia Prendergast
Giving solidity to pure wind: Temporising as transformation

Brigid Magner
‘Not all gumnuts and outback’: Exploring the attitudes of creative writing students towards Australian literature

James Bradley & Susan Bradley Smith
Royal ambitions: Creative writing and the Secret Rules of Courtship in the Medical Humanities


Timia Breederveld, Strings
Eileen Herbert-Goodall, Raven Medicine




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Vol 19 No 1 April 2015
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Enza Gandolfo & Linda Weste