TEXT Vol 24 No 1 April 2020


Writing and Covid-19

Text Special Issue Number 58
The in/completeness of human experience
Edited by Julia Prendergast, Shane Strange and Jen Webb

Paul Magee
Alternative futures for the creative writing doctorate (by way of the past)

Andrew Cowan
‘No additional information required’: Creative writing as research writing

Delia Falconer
The uses and enchantments of the writer’s notebook

Rees Quilford
Memoryscope experiments on the Bunurong Coast

Patrick West
The PhD by prior publications in the Creative Arts at Deakin University: Advancing industry engagement and social justice outcomes in the doctoral degree (research)

Maria Papas
Incoherence/coherence in narratives of illness or trauma: On the necessity of challenging conventional narrative structures

Bonny Cassidy
Structural whiteness and the business of creative writing in Australia: Developing reflexive pedagogy

Rhett Davis
Avoiding it: Writing fiction about place without writing about it

Poetry and Prose

Julia Prendergast, Today is tomorrow
Peter Nash, Gone Fishin’
Andrew Leggett, 3 poems
Judy Durrant, 3 poems
Joshua Baird, Brando
Lucy Alexander, 2 poems
Dean Kerrison, Green-eyed monster diary
Gershon Maller, Palimpsest
Ann Nonn, Dear Colleague
Oliver Wakelin, Thalatta
Craig Billingham, On the novel I did not write
Sean West, 3 poems
Julia Prendergast, Endgame



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Vol 24 No 1 April 2020
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Julienne van Loon & Ross Watkins