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from Amy Bartlett,
Australian Serials and Electronic Unit, National Library of Australia

We are delighted to inform you that your publication, TEXT is now publicly available in the PANDORA Archive.
The publication has been catalogued and the record for the title is in the National Library's online public access catalogue. Access to your title in the archive is via a "hot link" from a special field in the catalogue record. Your publication may be located through a search of the catalogue, located at http://ilms.nla.gov.au/webpac/ or by going directly to the following address http://purl.nla.gov.au/nla/pandora/text
Both the PURL or URL for the original site and the PURL for the archived version are provided in the record. This means that users may choose to access either version. Should the reader opt to go to the Library's archive, a title entry screen will appear, giving information about the title. This includes the name of the publication, a list of issues or versions held in the archive, links to your copyright statement and a general copyright warning and how frequently we gather your publication. We have provided another link to your site, giving the reader a second opportunity to link to the most up to date version.
We would appreciate any comments you may have regarding the presentation of your publication in the archive and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Amy Bartlett

from Ingrid Woodrow
My name is Ingrid Woodrow and I am a PhD (Creative Writing) student of Jan Mckemmish's and the University of Queensland.
I am writing to let you know that Jan and I have started an online postgraduate Creative Writing journal called mangrove ( www.uq.edu.au/english/journals/mangrove.htm ) which I thought you might like to include as a "site of interest" in TEXT. I have already linked TEXT to Mangrove, it's a great resource.
I was also interested in the ABC program 'Poetica' which was calling for submissions from creative writers around the country - could you tell me if this is still open?
Kind Regards,
Ingrid Woodrow

Collection for the Poetica program is in progress, details are published in News and Updates. Eds.


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Vol 3 No 1 April 1999
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady