Les Wicks

'Nudge' from The Ways of Waves




Under the morning sun
they add two more rectangles of colour to
that quilt of towels on the sand.
The temperature glides like a kite
through the whispers of peace.

They shed their asphalt-clothes, flap with
a lazy passion in the sea
then lie down in this Australian cathedral to
sip nothing.

& as they drink
they lose
job interviews & murder & need

Their pretences are like occasional litter awaiting
the turning of the tide.
Their fingers mine the sand,
seeking only more.
Occasional beads of sweat are like a second
liquid skin designed for a formless future.
Silence, not touching they meet somewhere
in that middle where we all seek
(but can't describe).

Somewhere at the fringes of our plans
when we gave up hope

Somewhere in the pattern of naked push and silk tie shove,

that spot
where you change
and that day is there
all around you
& found.


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Vol 3 No 1 April 1999
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady