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An exegesis concerning the novel
Fragments of a Map


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1. Throughout this exegesis I use the term 'they' as a singular pronoun of no fixed gender. I prefer it to the other forms of he/she or s/he. Return to text
2. "The Yellow Wallpaper" was originally written and published in 1891. References here related to the 1981 edition. Return to text
3. In 1913 Gilman wrote an article relating her own experiences to those of her character in "The Yellow Wallpaper". This article is included in the 1981 edition. Return to text
4. For an interesting discussion on light and its unexpected scientific properties see Biller 1973. Return to text
5. While the interviews were conducted in a reasonably formal way, that is appointments were made and they were conducted in the privacy of their, or my office, I did not tape record the interviews. Nor did I sit opposite them taking notes. Both methods would have hindered my research aim which was to explore, in a manner which illustrated respect, a variety of women's deeply personal stories relating to their silencing and their battle against such silencing. In all cases the women knew I was researching a novel and I assured them that I would not use their stories directly or in a way which would identify them. As a result these interviews are undocumented. Return to text
6. In her introduction Estes subtitled her book 'Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype' (Estes, 1991: 4). This subtitle is not given on the title page. Return to text



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