The Journal of the Australian Association of Writing Programs



Vol 4 No 2

ISSN: 1327-9556



Jack Hodgins
Beyond A Passion for Narrative

Andrew Taylor
Creative Work and the Research Quantum

Anne Surma
Defining Professional Writing as an Area of Scholarly Activity

Stephen Stockwell
From Bard to Spin Doctor: Continuities in strategy and style

Jennifer Webb
Individual Enunciations and Social Frames

Jeri Kroll
Honouring Students: What can a successful creative writing honours program offer?

Claire Woods
The Art and Craft of the Honours Thesis: A rhetorical enterprise

Catherine Padmore
A Leaf from the Sibyl's Book

Gaylene Perry
The Double Life

Jondi Keane
Fictive Certainty Underwrites Writing

Annette Comte
Use of Feminist Literary Theory in Developing a Critical Language for Hypertext

The Mouse

Glenda Adams (with Judy Duffy)
Interview between Glenda Adams and Judy Duffy


Linda Aronson, Writing with Imagination: A Practical Guide reviewed by Nicole Bourke

Rosemary Huisman, The Written Poem - Semiotic Conventions from Old to Modern English reviewed by Komninos Zervos

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Vol 4 No 2 October 2000
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady