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Graeme Harper
A State of Grace?: Creative Writing in UK Higher Education, 1993-2003

Marcelle Freiman
Dangerous Dreaming: Myths of creativity

Robyn Stewart
(Re)inventing Artists' Research: Constructing living forms of theory

Sabrina Achilles
Performative Pedagogy and Hypertext

Donna Lee Brien and Tess Brady
Collaborative Practice: Categorising forms of collaboration for practitioners

Nigel Krauth
Four Writers and their Settings

Ali Alizadeh
Iran, War, Displacement and my choice of Joan of Arc

Anne Brewster and Hazel Smith
AFFECTions: friendship, community, bodies



Steve Evans
Behind the Poem and In the Wrecking Yards

David Jory
Holy Water
(to John Muk Muk Burke)

Christopher Mulrooney
fruit bat



Ken Methold Writing as a Business reviewed by Stuart Glover

Peter Abbs Against the Flow: Education, the Arts and Postmodern Culture reviewed by Rob Watson

Brandilyn Collins Getting into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn from Actors reviewed by Cher Coad and Patrick West

Robert Gray Afterimages reviewed by Steve Evans

Ali Alizadeh eliXir: a story in poetry reviewed by Patrick Mangeni

Melissa Petrakis Attic Dweller reviewed by Catharine Coleborne


from Marcelle Freiman


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Vol 7 No 2 October 2003
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady