TEXT Vol 8 No 2 October 2004

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Is there a need for another journal?

Brian Dibble and Julienne van Loon
The Higher Degree Research Journey as a Three-legged Race

Jeri Kroll
The Role of the Examiner: Scholar, Reviewer, Critic, Judge, Mentor

Claire Woods
Lives and the writer's pact

David Homer
Maps, Writing and Autobiography: Explorations in Ransomania

Inez Baranay
It's the other who makes my portrait: Writing self, character and the other

Maria Simms
Fictional Fears and Guarded Facts: An Experience in Writing a Ficto-Historical Novel

Donna Lee Brien and Tess Brady
The Internationalisation of a Manuscript: Finding the potent generic

Alice Mills
Neurolinguistic Programming and the Teaching of Creative Writing

Hazel Smith
Cursors and Crystal Balls: Digital technologies and the futures of writing


Roger Dean, Anne Brewster and Hazel Smith
SoundAFFECTs A multimedia work


Paul Morgan
The Very Next Room


Kevin Brophy Explorations in Creative Writing creative response/reviewed by Jennifer Webb

Rhonda Whitton and Sheila Hollingworth A Decent Proposal: How to Sell your Book to an Australian Publisher and Mission Possible: How to Make Money from your Writing reviewed by Donna Lee Brien

Hit & Miss Emerging Poets Series reviewed by Ali Alizadeh
Emilie Zoey Baker She Wore the Sky on Her Shoulders
Angela Costi Dinted Halos
Dan Disney The Velocity of Night Falling
Sean M. Whelan Love is the New Hate




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Vol 8 No 2 October 2004
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady