TEXT Vol 9 No 2 October 2005




Creative Writing and the new RQF

Graeme Harper
Creative Writers on Campus: Dead Spies, Living Lies, 1593 to the Present

Miriam Sved
Fractured Writing: Creativity, the University and the Australian Culture Wars

Dominique Hecq
Of Litter and Letters

Greg Opie
Reluctant Reader Boys: Writing Appealing and Accessible Fiction

Kim Wilkins
The Process of Genre: Authors, Readers, Institutions

Phillip Edmonds
The Romantic Ego in the Creative Writing Workshop

Kim Cheng Boey
The Place of Writing

Gareth Beal
Mapping the Textual Genome: Post-Scripts, Post-Structuralism and Chandler's Poodle Springs

Sarah-Mace Dennis
Inward / In-ward (Madness and its Ghostly Echo)


Deanne Leber
Three Poems


Paul Carter Material Thinking: The Theory and Practice of Creative Research
reviewed by Donna Lee Brien

Paul Dawson Creative Writing and the New Humanities
reviewed by Jen Webb



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Vol 9 No 2 October 2005
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb