TEXT Vol 10 No 2 October 2006




Jeri Kroll
Draining Creativity: The Teacher-Writer in the Vampire Academy

Paul Magee
Strange directions for future research (cultural studies as creative writing)

Sue North
Creativity: The fire in the fennel stalk

Christine Owen
Academic Research and Creative Writing: Redrawing the Map and Finding One's Allies

Gay Lynch
Writers Barnstorm Postgraduate Creative Writing Schools

Catherine Cole
Henry James, Affect and the Writer/Researcher in the Academy

Gerry LaFemina
Fields of Inquiry: Poetic Composition, Revision, and Transcendence

Miriam Sved
Products of the Discipline

Francesca Rendle-Short
To the smell of pineapples; writing a Queensland auto-bio-graphie



Cameron Fuller
2 poems

Rob Walker
2 poems



Lelia Green and Brad Haseman (eds) Media International Australia: Incorporating Culture and Policy, Theme Issue: 'Practice-led Research' reviewed by Jondi Keane



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Vol 10 No 2 October 2006
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb