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Cameron Fuller

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flirting with language [poetry]

no(u)n. the multi-ambivalent
point of it all. feel the velour
of words on skin. swim
in a polysemous river,
then kill all metaphor.
changing the world one pun
at a time, i sit my ars poetica
down here. back there. sounds
like parataxis, exegesis:
they're not ugly. are they?
do you prefer formulae
or formulas(?) the more
you obscure, the more you exclude.
it's okay to admit. sounding clever
was never so easy. & i wear my politics.
here comes a naked morpheme: de-/.
fragments fly like loose limbs.
a s(i)mile? a linear moment. quick.
collaborate with one of your selves.
still waiting for an autopsy on I.
to make it new has become
old old fast. reference
another poet. another mistake. the time-
delay after this comma ','. signifier
No.327 is not indifferent
to No.326. a university flaneur snorting
the cocoa off his or her cappuccino.
abstract specifics. a can of diet TAB
in the '80s. don't look back
in lower-case. punctuate don't splatter.
a poetic dog whistle. closure? me?
NEVER. look! where it leads.


Cameron Fuller is currently working on a PhD at the University of South Australia. His first collection of poems, low background noise, was published in Friendly Street New Poets 11.


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Vol 10 No 2 October 2006
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb