TEXT Vol 12 No 2 October 2008


Writing: the 'stir and growth' of ideas

Kevin Brophy
The politics of style: staying alive

Nigel Krauth
'The body in coupled action': writers as becoming-animals

Claire Woods
Literacies in transition: students and the journey in the discipline of writing

Wendy Beck, Kerry Dunne, Josie Fisher, Jane O'Sullivan, Alison Sheridan
Turning up the heat: collaboration as a response to a chilly research environment

Emily Sutherland
Research, travel and creativity

Dominique Hecq
Writing the unconscious: psychoanalysis for the creative writer

Andy Kissane
'The gun went off': teaching the writing of violence

Bunty Avieson
Writing - a methodology for the new millenium

Janene Carey
Whose story is it, anyway? Ethics and interpretive authority in biographical creative nonfiction

Camilla Nelson
Research through practice: a reply to Paul Dawson

Review Essay
Jen Webb
Poetry in Australia and the John Leonard Press

Christopher (Kit) Kelen, From a Book of Exercises
B N Oakman, No Exemption
Maria Takolander, Writer

Josie Arnold, Practice Led Research
review by Sandra Burr and Penny Hanley
Murray Bail, The Pages; Helen Garner, The Spare Room
review by Moya Costello
Lucy Neave, James Connor & Amanda Crawford (eds) Arts of Publication: Scholarly Publishing in Australia and Beyond
review by Stephanie Green
Elizabeth Campbell, Letters to the Tremulous Hand
review by Sandra Burr
LK Holt, Man Wolf Man
review by Kathryn Hind
Claire Gaskin, A Bud
review by Gregory A Gould

Petra White, The Incoming Tide
review by Sean Harverson



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Vol 12 No 2 October 2008
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb