TEXT Vol 13 No 2 October 2009


A new era jostle

Text Special Issue Number 6
Supervising the Creative Arts Research Higher Degree: Towards Best Practice
Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Rosemary Williamson

Nigel Krauth
The supervisor as editor

Paul Magee
Is poetry research?

Mike Harris
Escaping the tractor beam of literary theory: notes towards appropriate theories of creative writing - and some arguments against the inappropriate ones

Gaylene Perry
Ferals, nomads, drifters, gypsies, vagrants, blow-ins, thieves, troublemakers, tricksters and terrorists: creative writing, from creative industries to creative ecologies

Dan Disney
'Does anybody else here not understand?' Language, post-philosophers, bewitchment and confusion: some post-conference reflections

Donna Lee Brien
'Based on a True Story': the problem of the perception of biographical truth in narratives based on real lives

Emily Sutherland and Tony Gibbons
Historical fiction and history: members of the same family

Sandra Arnold
Living in stories: creative nonfiction as an effective genre for writing about death and bereavement

Carolyne Lee
A rare brand of intimacy: reconsidering the structure and unique effect of the short story

Keith Harrison
Eyemouth: the origins of a novel

Michael Wilding
Creative Writing: The CV

Maggie Butt, Second Life
Barbara Edwards, Hermeneutics 1.5
Sue King-Smith, Rapunzel
Jeff Klooger, Taxonomy
Andrew Slattery, Living Below the Poetry Line

Ceri Sullivan and Graeme Harper (eds) Authors at Work: The Creative Environment
review by Donna Lee Brien
Jennifer Harrison & Kate Waterhouse (eds) Motherlode: Australian Women's Poetry 1986-2008
review by Dominique Hecq
Liam Guilar, Lady Godiva and Me
review by Bronwen Levy
Adrian Caesar, Adrienne Eberhard, Mal McKimmie, Jan Owen and Petra White Take Five 08
review by Sandra Burr
Glen Phillips Shanghai Suite and Other Poems; Anne Born and Glen Phillips Singing Granites: Poems of Devon and Gondwanaland
review by Dominique Hecq
Steven Gration and Nicky Peelgrane
Commedia Oz: Playing Commedia in Contemporary Australia
review by RA Goodrich



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Vol 13 No 2 October 2009
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb