TEXT Vol 14 No 2 October 2010


Breaking the quarter-million hits-a-year mark

Text Special Issue Number 7
The ERA era: creative writing as research
Edited by Donna Lee Brien, Nigel Krauth and Jen Webb

Text Special Issue Number 8
Creative and practice-led research: current status, future plans
Edited by Donna Lee Brien, Sandra Burr and Jen Webb

Text Special Issue Number 9
Rewriting the menu: the cultural dynamics of contemporary food choices
Edited by Adele Wessell and Donna Lee Brien

Natalie Kon-yu
Letting go of the truth: researching and writing the other side of silence in women’s lives

Anthony Eaton
Making to unmask - the creation of and reaction to Into White Silence

Allan Robins
A spiral bridge

Laura Deane
Theorising the madwoman: fictocritical incursions - a performance

Susan Bradley Smith
Memoir as suicide

Andrew Miller
Grunge blotto

Willa McDonald
Letter to my daughter: ethical dilemmas in the writing of a memoir

Sandra Arnold
Writing about the spiritual side of grieving

Matthew Ricketson
Not muddying, clarifying: towards understanding the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction

Chris Fortescue
Phantom limbic: notes on process

Carol-Anne Croker and Mark Carthew
‘The Boat that Rocked’: Restoring the creative: a new journey for dual sector universities

Robin Freeman
Black and white: in search of an ‘apt’ response to Indigenous writing

Mark Carthew
The blue between: children’s writing in the margins

Angelina Mirabito

Dallas Angguish, Word of Mouth
Barbara De Franceschi, Dilettante
David Mortimer, Lobster Logic
Philip Neilsen, The Poem as Research
Antonia Pont, Suite

Enza Gandolfo Swimming
review by Sue Bond

Marcelle Freiman White Lines (Vertical)
review by Kevin Brophy
Kate Lilley (ed) Southerly – The Poetry Issue
review by Steve Evans

Nigel Krauth and Tess Brady (eds) The Clunes Little Book of the Book
review by Helen Gildfind
Janet Burroway, Elizabeth Stuckey-French and Ned Stuckey Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft
review by Angelina Mirabito
Sandra Newman and Howard Mittelmark How not to write a novel
review by Gail E Pittaway
P.D. James Talking About Detective Fiction
review by Jay Daniel Thompson
Graeme Harper On Creative Writing
review by John Weldon



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Vol 14 No 2 October 2010
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Jen Webb