TEXT Vol 20 No 2 October 2016


We need to talk about identity politics…

Text Special Issue Number 35
Writing Death and the Gothic
Edited by Donna Lee Brien and Lorna Piatti-Farnell

Text Special Issue Number 36
Shakespeare 400
Edited by Dallas John Baker and Laurie Johnson

Text Special Issue Number 37
Crime Fiction: The Creative/Critical Nexus
Edited by Rachel Franks, Jesper Gulddal and Alistair Rolls

Sophie Masson
Breaking the pattern: Established writers undertaking creative writing doctorates in Australia

Enza Gandolfo
Writing working class ghosts

Owen Bullock and Niloofar Fanaiyan
Warp and weft: Aesthetics of the poem as an artefact of experiences in time

Rees Quilford
Conversations with Althusser, Bakhtin and Genette: The influence of theory on creative practice

Danielle Clode and Christele Maizonniaux
Telling true stories through fiction: Exploring intertextuality in Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues and French Pacific travel narratives

Lily Robert-Foley

Stuart Bender and Mick Broderick
‘Dude, get a shot of this’: The performance of violence in the school shooting film Excursion

Prose and Poetry

Dominique Hecq, What it’s like to be too much
Rachel Hennessy, The (in)exactitude of knowledge
Lynn Davidson, A roof over my head
Toni Roberts, Making with mud and my mother
Jane Downing, Let them eat brioche
Craig Jordan-Baker, The death of Patrice Nacullian


Jen Webb, Researching Creative Writing
review by Josie Arnold
Nigel Krauth, Creative Writing and the Radical: Teaching and Learning the Fiction of the Future
review by Moya Costello
Jeri Kroll, Andrew Melrose and Jen Webb (eds), Old and New, Tried and Untried: Creativity and Research in the 21st Century
review by Susan Taylor Suchy
Eddie Paterson, The Contemporary American Monologue: Performance and Politics
review by Peta Tait
A Frances Johnson, Australian Fiction as Archival Salvage: Making and Unmaking the Postcolonial Novel
review by Lyn McCredden
The Modern Language Association, MLA Handbook Eighth Edition
review by Roslyn Petelin

Andy Stafford, Roland Barthes
review by Rhonda Dredge
Kevin Brophy, This is What Gives Us Time
review by Dennis Haskell
Hazel Smith, Word Migrants
review by Jessica Wilkinson
Dan Disney and Kit Kelen (eds), Writing to the Wire
review by Paul Munden
Shane Strange and Monica Carroll (eds) / The Prose Poetry Project, Pulse: Prose Poems
review by Chloe Wilson
Philip Salom, Waiting
review by Helen Gildfind
Rose Lucas, Unexpected Clearing
review by Dominique Hecq
Autumn Royal, She Woke & Rose
review by Amelia Walker
Tina Giannoukos, Bull Days
review by Caitlin Maling
Nike Sulway, Dying in the First Person
review by Rachel Hennessy
Tracey McGuire, Rabbit Heart
review by Enza Gandolfo
Jeremy Fisher, The Dirty Little Dog
review by Andrew Nette
Liam Guilar, Anhaga
review by Ben Kunkler
David Brooks and Elizabeth McMahon (eds), Southerly: War and Peace
review by Ruby Todd


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Vol 20 No 2 October 2016
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Kevin Brophy & Enza Gandolfo. Assistant Editor: Julienne Van Loon
Creative works editor: Anthony Lawrence. Reviews editor: Linda Weste
Special Issues editor: Donna Lee Brien. Assistant Special Issues editors: Dallas Baker and Ross Watkins