TEXT Vol 21 No 2 October 2017


The academic journal editor’s job … and a farewell to great friends

Text Special Issue Number 41
Romanticism and Contemporary Australian Writing: Legacies and Resistances
Edited by Stephanie Green and Paul Hetherington

Text Special Issue Number 42
Writing and Trauma
Edited by Bridget Haylock and Suzanne Hermanoczki

Text Special Issue Number 43
Into the bush: Australasian fairy tales
Edited by Nike Sulway, Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario and Belinda Calderone

Text Special Issue Number 44
The Exegesis Now
Edited by Craig Batty and Donna Lee Brien

Text Special Issue Number 45
Writing Death and Dying  
Edited by Donna Lee Brien

Text Special Issue Number 46
Prose Poetry
Edited by Monica Carroll, Shane Strange and Jen Webb

Text Special Issue Number 47
Ideas and realities: Creative writing in Asia today
Edited by Sally Breen and Sanaz Fotouhi

Suman Gupta
Disciplinary departures and discipline formation: The institutional rationale

Jeri Kroll
The author as originator, adaptor or thief: Moral rights, copyright, plagiarism and self-plagiarism

Daniel Lynch, Lee McGowan and Donna Hancox
Iterative multimodality: An exploration of approaches to transmedia writing

Paul Collis and Jen Crawford
Six groundings for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander story in the Australian creative writing classroom: Part 1

Craig Bolland
Stylistics in the creative writing curriculum: A problem-posing approach

Brendan Ritchie
Writing into the dark

Liam Murray Bell
Overland to Malta

Kathryn Knight
Writing dislocation and disruption: The strange country of mothers of children with disabilities

Andrew Miller
Eschatologies, and future-looking reminiscence

Susan Bradley Smith
Too, too many of us? Memoir as rogation in creative mentorship

Poetry and Prose

Megan Anning, Erato
Yuan Changming 5 Poems
Amy T Matthews, Thinking About Camels
Peter Nash, Murder in the Office of Final Editing
Chelsea Avard, Blue Eyes




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Vol 21 No 2 October 2017
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Kevin Brophy, Enza Gandolfo & Julienne van Loon