TEXT Vol 24 No 2 October 2020


The employability of the creative writing PhD

Text Special Issue Number 59
Creating communities: Collaboration in creative writing and research
Edited by Alex Philp, Ella Jeffery and Lee McGowan

Text Special Issue Number 60
Indian-Australian exchanges through collaborative poetic inquiry
Edited by Jaydeep Sarangi and Amelia Walker

Francesca Rendle-Short 
‘Tissue of making’ in practice-led research: Practi-care, prepositional thinking and a grammar of creativity 

Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton
Writing together: Conjunctive collaboration, scholarship and prose poetry 

Julia Prendergast
Imagination is the queen of truth: The realist text as sensory narrative image 

Michelle Aung Thin, David Carlin, Alvin Pang, Francesca Rendle-Short, Jessica Wilkinson 
When your practice is the research: A symposia-led model for the creative writing PhD 

Levi Dean 
Comprehending the anti-heroine: Scripting order amongst chaos through character archetypes 

Alyson Miller and Cassandra Atherton 
‘The Chernobyl Hibakusha’: Dark Poetry, the Ineffable and Abject Realities 

Abigail Fisher 
These lips that are not (d)one: Writing with the ‘pash’ of translation

Helen Marshall 
A flare of light or ‘the great clomping foot of nerdism?’: M John Harrison’s radical poetics of worldbuilding 


Richard James Allen, Click here to allow this poem to access your location
Gayelene Carbis, Oranges
Edward Caruso, Potsherds
Becky Cherriman, Christina Tissues a Script (or what my Otter app misheard)
Abigail Fisher, A un poema acerca del agua
Carolyn Gerrish, Aperture
Lauren Rae, Hemispheric March


Cailean McBride, Be Near Me (after In Memoriam)


Julia Prendergast, Mothwebs, spinners, orange
Patrick West, Pauline
Laura Grace Simpkins, Vanilla
Phillip Edmonds, Giving it away
Rosanna Licari, Fiona and the fish
Georgia Rose Phillips, On the Obfuscations of Language
Diane Stubbings, From Variation for three voices on a letter to nature
Anne Rutherford, An open letter to Jay Swan
Ariel Riveros, Planetary Nephology Calendar App
Dean Kerrison, 2 stories
Lachie Rhodes, The Silver Locket
Tara East, Story Monster
Ned Brooks, This is Not a Film



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Vol 24 No 2 October 2020
General Editor: Nigel Krauth. Editors: Julienne van Loon & Ross Watkins