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Hosted by Professional Writing, Deakin University
the School of Creative Media and Design, RMIT
Level 4, Building 94,
23-27 Cardigan Street, Carlton 3053
Judith Rodriguez, Dr Kevin Brophy and Elizabeth Flann, Deakin University
Judy Duffy and Jennifer Spry, RMIT
Details: Kevin Brophy and Judith Rodriguez
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Third Biennial National Conference of Poetry

Soundings, the third national Poetry Conference will be held in Adelaide, 7-9th November 1997.
Speakers include:
Lisa Bellear; Pamela Brown; Steve Evans; John Foulcher; Dinah Hawken; Brian Henry; Miriel Lenore; Kate Llewellyn; Graham Rowlands; Philip Salom and Roberta Sykes
Visit the web site for updates:
For further details contact Dr Jeri Kroll at the English Department,
Flinders University,
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide
SA 5001
or email her on Jeri.Kroll@flinders.edu.au
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The Creative Writing Student Roland Harvey Award for an Unpublished Children's Manuscript

What sort of books do we do?
Roland Harvey Books publishes children's books which aim to raise awareness of issues, concepts and ideas - and, of course, to entertain. In the past we have followed themes that include history, science and the environment... but we are interested in any theme if the idea is well developed and handled in an original way.
Some of our most successful titles in the past have been books like The Friends of Emily Culpepper (a commended books for the CBC Children's Book Awards), a humourous story about a little old lady who shrinks her visitors and keeps them prisoner so she can have their company whenever she wants it. It sounds simple enough but it has been shown to raise discussion among children about the idea of recognising a friend and the obligations of being one. It has been used regularly with the children and philosophy movement in Australia. Serious stuff but the book is also very popular and highly successful commercially - the best of all worlds.
Similarly, My Place in Space (an Honour Book in the CBC Children's Book Awards) also raises awareness through an entertaining, humourous treatment of an idea - in this case, the scale of a single person's position within the universe. A child answers a sarcastic bus driver's query about where they live by describing his home's position in the ever-expanding terms of street, town, district, state, country, continent, hemisphere, etc. through to galaxy and position in the known universe. The book is both playful and informative - and again, a commercial success.
The forthcoming Islands in My Garden plays with the exploration of life on a microcosmic level in an urban backyard and ends with a strong message about the importance of green space in the city. Again, the book is both fun and informative - and, we hope, will be commercially successful.
Your Story...
These are all picture-story books but that doesn't mean you can only enter manuscripts which fit that format. We are expanding into other forms that include short fiction and short novels - for children of all ages. We are interested in quality children's stories and original non-fiction ideas of all sorts. If you think your work is good, send it in. Our award will go to the manuscript judged best, regardless of format.
Closing Date for entries: 1Dec 1997
Award Announced: 1Feb 1998


Title of Manuscript:
No. of Words:
Entry Details
I hereby declare that I am the sole copyright holder in the work submitted for the Roland Harvey Award for an unpublished manuscript and agree to abide by the conditions of entry as outlined above.
Send entries, each with a separate entry form to:
Roland Harvey Award
Roland Harvey Books
92 Bay Street
Port Melbourne 3207
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Adelaide Festival Writers' Week Fringe 1998

In 1986 the SA Writers' Centre initiated the popular Poets on Popeye as a Fringe event; in later years, we held Fringe Readings at Club Foote and Tapas. In 1998 we're really gearing up!
The Writers' Caf is planned to run every night of Writers' Week 1-6 March from 6 pm in our spacious premises in Adelaide's trendy East End. With its own bar and refreshments, it'll be a place for writers to meet and hang out after the Tents close down. At Writers' Caf, writers and read and/or listen, hold a book launch, participate in Wordsports, take the floor on Open Mike, and raise issues on anything to do with writers and writing.
We're also planning a Writers' Fringe Barbecue at a winery on the Saturday before (or possibly after) Writers' Week, and we intend to set up a Hospitality Register offering visiting impecunious writers a bed, a sofa, a barn or, at the very least, a floor.
Want to come and take part? No obligation at this stage: just send information about yourself, your writing, and what you'd be interested in doing to:
Adelaide Festival Writers' Week Fringe 1998
SA Writers' Center
PO Box 43, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000
or fax:(08) 8232 3994
or email writers@eastend.com.au
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Vol 2 No 1 APRIL 1998
Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady