Special Issue Website Series
Number 15 October 2012

Creative Writing as Research II

Edited by Nigel Krauth and Donna Lee Brien


Nigel Krauth and Donna Lee Brien
Creative writing under the ERA: writing under duress, but relatively happy

Jillian Adams
Crab apple jelly

Donna Lee Brien
The poisoner's cookbook

Kevin Brophy
Exercises in creative thinking

Stuart Cooke
Writing in/on Australia: history, ecology, poetry

Gary Crew
Museum piece

Susan Davis
EPIPHANY! A contemporary vaudevillian fairytale

Bronwyn Fredericks
40 years ago, 40 years since: The Tent Embassy

Enza Gandolfo
Women walking: fragments

Stephanie Green
The Edge: notes for a wiki narrative

Lynda Hawryluk
The Sleeping Camel hosts an Indian summer squall

Dominique Hecq

Paul Hetherington and Jen Webb
Cretan analogues: Restorying ancient mythology

Nigel Krauth
Polonaise in F Sharp Minor, Opus 44

Anthony Lawrence
Field guide

Joshua Lobb

Philip Neilsen
The Botanist at his Mother’s Grave

Gail Pittaway

Hazel Smith
Feisty and childless (a cut and paste; a polylogue)

Ross Watkins
Collecting her


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TEXT Special Issue No 15 Creative Writing as Research II
October 2012
Editors: Nigel Krauth and Donna Lee Brien
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Donna Lee Brien
General Editors: Nigel Krauth, Kevin Brophy & Enza Gandolfo