Special Issue Website Series
Number 17 April 2013

Mud map: Australian women’s experimental writing

Edited by Moya Costello, Barbara Brooks, Anna Gibbs and Rosslyn Prosser


Anna Gibbs
Introduction: From there to here and then to now: a very rough guide

MTC Cronin
Prove love

Jill Martindale Farrar

joanne burns
corrida: a five poem suite

Jo Gardiner
The architect’s dream

Loma Bridge
Casual, Diptych tourisms

Carolyn van Langenberg
Body parts

Jenna Sten

Pam Brown
Borrowed modifiers

Sal Brereton
excerpt from ‘Treading water’

Sarah Holland-Batt
Littoral marginalia

Nour Dados
Lament on a postcard

Tiffany Hambley
Arrivals hall  

Ashley Haywood
The wall reports (excerpt)

Teri Hoskin
The rectilinear case

Kate Lilley
Letters of caption

Maria Zajkowski
The specialist inbetweenery

Linda Marie Walker
Inconsolable: a film (extract)

Emma Ashmere
Portrait or landscape

Cath Davies
Milk glass (in conversation with Brooke Zeligman’s Feast)

Virginia Barratt
She is a boy

Hoa Pham
Wave (novel extract)

Nasrin Matouhchi
The warmness of handling

Anne Brewster
Your mother’s garden

Jordie Albiston
Six black Saturday squares

Karina Barker
The inconsequence of offal 

Barbara Holloway
Rockolalia, lithomania

Naomi Horridge

Ella O’Keefe
Touching brick, Zone 1

Jyanni N’Steffensen
Walking slowly wearing crimson

Gillian Barlow

Robyn Ferrell
Whitefella worship

Gig Ryan
Rally, Central locking

Kathleen Mary Fallon
Spirit of France – a biography: Kaye Nine

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TEXT Special Issue No 17 Mud map: Australian women’s experimental writing
April 2013
Editors: Moya Costello, Barbara Brooks, Anna Gibbs & Rosslyn Prosser
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Donna Lee Brien
General Editor: Nigel Krauth