Number 2 (April 2001)



Writing On-line/On-line Writing

On-line Writing

Our second featured writer is Mary Anne Breeze better known on the web as Mez Net_wurker.

Her piece >di][e][lation manifesto-:-a sliver of the future f][br][eeder< appears for the first time in TEXT - Special Issue 2

note that it needs javascript enabled, a +4 browser 2 view adequately, is not viewable with netscape 6 and needs a good sound system [or one where the volume can be jacked ][N jilled][ up.:)]

                                       MEZ [Mary-Anne Breeze] is a professional
                                       net.wurker who has exhibited x-tensively in a
                                       ][inter][networked sphere since 1995 [e.g
                                       CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, Prague's Goethe
                                       Institute, Digitarts '96, Experimenta Media Arts,
                                       ISEA_97 Chicago, ARS Electronica_97, trAce,
                                       BeeHive Hypermedia, The Metropolitan Museum
                                       Tokyo, SIGGRAPH_99&00, d>Art 00 and
                                       _hybridforms_01]. Mez is an author [of the
                                       unique network language system _mezangelle_], an
                                       online lecturer, a conference jillaroo [in 00
                                       including the trAce conference Incubation,
                                       Pro&Contra in Moscow, the Enlightenment
                                       Conference - Netherlands, Urban Futures - South
                                       Africa, and  Electrohype - Sweden] and
                                       co-moderator of the Webartery Mailing list. Mez is
                                       also a freelance journalist, the 2001 Resident Artist
                                       at the WCG, is currently working on her "Fantazee
                                       Genderator" project [via the VIF Award] for the
                                       IFU @ Humboldt-Uiniversitat in Berlin, and has
                                       been shortlisted for the prestigious 2001 Electronic
                                       Literature Organisationšs Fiction prize. 

If you want to see more of Mez's work you can visit her homepage.

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