Number 2 (April 2001)



Writing On-line/On-line Writing

On-line Writing

Our first featured writer is Carolyn Guertin .

Her piece Machine Dreams and Webbed Arts: Urban Process in Subtextual Circulation. appears for the first time in TEXT - Special Issue 2

Poet, sculptor, scholar, curator, webweaver, teacher of creative writing in the new media, Carolyn Guertin is a long-time practitioner of the new media arts. She is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in the English Department at the University of Alberta, Canada, specializing in the feminist avant-garde and the technologies of memory. A literary advisor to the Electronic Literature Organization and Curator of "Assemblage: The Women's New Media Gallery", she also occupies virtual studio space at the trAce Online Community. She is currently working on a novel-length electronic text called The Attributes of Heartbreak. Her work has been featured internationally in print and online, and has appeared most recently in BeeHive, Riding the Meridian, and Cauldron & Net.

If you want to see more of Carolyn's work you can visit her homepage.

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