Number 2 (April 2001)



Writing On-line/On-line Writing

This month, June, we would like to introduce a collaborative work between
Reiner Strasser from Germany

born 1954 in Antwerpen, Belgium. study of art, art history and philosophy at the university of Mainz in the 70s. living and working in Wiesbaden, Germany. He has been making web works since 1996. His web works have appeared in several exhibitions/publications since 1997. Most recently in the e-zinen: Riding the Meridian; Cauldron and Net; Beehive;; ArtOnLine; trAce; on several CD-ROM publications: The Little Magazine CD 22 Gravitational Intrigue, University of Albany, NY, 1999; Dietsche Warande & Belfort, Elektronische Literatuur, 4.99, NL/B; ALIRE 11, revue de littératur animée et interactive, Mots-Voir, France, 2000; DOC(K)S "un notre web" (book and cd-rom), Corse 2000; Net Art Guide (book and cd-r version), Frauenhofer Institut, Germany 2000; and in real space: Aix Art Contemporaine Web en Provence, France,1999; Amour et Conscience, art show in Paris, 1999; AJAC 25th Art Exhibition, Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, 1999; NOW Festival Nottingham, GB, 1999; AJAC 2000, M.A.M., Tokyo, 2000; INFOS '00 (honourable mention in the net art contest), Lubljana, Slovenia, 2000; E-Poetry festival, Buffalo/New York, 2001.

and David Knoebel from the USA.

Artist/Writer David Knoebel was born in a small town in the US. His creative life began at age 2 with a box of Crayolas. He studied at Yale University and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. His wire-and-light installations have been shown in New York City at P.S.1, the Hal Bromm Gallery, and elsewhere. Knoebel's web page, "Click Poetry", first appeared in 1996. His work has been featured on Compuserve,, Light & Dust, Zn, trAce, Webartery, Web3D/VRML 2000, the International Computer Graphics Festival, Infos2000, The Poets' Place, netart00, Riding the Meridian, Jumpin' at the Diner, FILE, and Cauldron & Net.

Their piece Frgmnt_Four appears for the first time in TEXT - Special Issue 2

If you want to see more of Reiner and David's work you can visit their homepages.

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