Special Issue Website Series
Number 3 April 2004


Illuminating the Exegesis

Edited by Julie Fletcher and Allan Mann

University of Ballarat

Julie Fletcher and Allan Mann - Editors
Illuminating the Exegesis, an introduction

Jeri Kroll
The Exegesis and the Gentle Reader/Writer

Nike Bourke and Philip Nielsen
The Problem of the Exegesis in Creative Writing Higher Degrees

Estelle Barrett
What Does it Meme? The Exegesis as Valorisation and Validation of Creative Arts Research

Barbara Bolt
The Exegesis and the Shock of the New

Donna Lee Brien
The Problem of Where to Start: A Foundation Question for Creative Writing Higher Degree Candidates and Supervisors

Barbara Milech and Ann Schilo
'Exit Jesus': Relating the Exegesis and the Creative/Production Components of a Research Thesis

Robert Nelson
Doctoralness in the Balance: The Agonies of Scholarly Writing in Studio Research Degrees

Exegesis - The Debate in TEXT
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TEXT Special Issue
No 3 April 2004
Editors: Julie Fletcher & Allan Mann
General Editors: Nigel Krauth & Tess Brady