Special Issue Website Series
Number 31 October 2015

Beyond Australia Queer

Edited by Jay Daniel Thompson and Dallas John Baker



Dallas John Baker and Jay Daniel Thompson
Introduction: Queer Writing – setting the scene

Jay Daniel Thompson and Dallas John Baker
Where is queer studies now? An interview with Annamarie Jagose*

Karina Quinn
Écriture matière

Nike Sulway
Behind the green door: a story about suffering and hybrid identity in the 1950s and 1960s

Damien Barlow
‘Rupture and rapture all at once’: Queer Australian fiction 2000-2014

Dallas J Baker
Writing and reading queerly: Foucault’s aesthetics of existence and queer self-making

Arjun Rajkhowa and Jay Daniel Thompson
Difficult belongings

Kelly Gardiner
Still here, still queer

Alison Coppe and Gretta Mitchell
Can’t look at the night sky

Karina Quinn
I go far away sometimes: queering the book review

Arjun Sudhir
Two lives

Nollie Nahrung
Queer Aunt Charlotte,

Keri Glastonbury
Three poems

Rob Cover
Queer Theory, neoliberal homonormativity and social utility for queer writing on youth (suicide)


* This interview was not peer-reviewed.




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TEXT Special Issue No 31 Beyond Australia Queer
October 2015
Editors: Jay Daniel Thompson and Dallas John Baker
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Donna Lee Brien. Assistant Special Issues Editor: Dallas John Baker
General Editor: Nigel Krauth