Special Issues Series
Number 36 October 2016

Shakespeare 400

Edited by Dallas John Baker and Laurie Johnson



Laurie Johnson and Dallas John Baker
Introduction: Shakespeare 400

Nike Sulway
Death, dildoes and daffodils: a winter’s tale

Kirk Dodd
Re-inventing Shakespeare: his methods of inventio and a new ‘Shakespearean’ play called Bennelong

Nollie Nahrung and Frank Kruse
Lead apes in hell

Laurie Johnson
Borrowed robes and garbled transmissions: echoes of Shakespeare’s dwarfish thief

Nigel Krauth
Reading the sentence fully: a Shakespeare memoir

Pablo Muslera
In dialogue with Banquo’s ghost: how to really find yourself through the Scottish play

Kyle Stooshnov
Retroprojection virtual reality: Shakespeare on stage

Donna Lee Brien
Eating Shakespeare: exploring the Bardic culinary literature industry

Jess Carniel
Better off dead?: the creative practice of reviving Ophelia




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TEXT Special Issue No 36 Shakespeare 400
October 2016
Editors: Dallas John Baker and Laurie Johnson
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Donna Lee Brien. Assistant Special Issues Editor: Dallas John Baker
General Editor: Nigel Krauth