Special Issues Series
Number 37 October 2016

Crime Fiction: The Creative/Critical Nexus

Edited by Rachel Franks, Jesper Gulddal and Alistair Rolls



Rachel Franks, Jesper Gulddal and Alistair Rolls

Carolyn Beasley
Writing a murderous mother: a case study on the critical applications of creative writing research to crime fiction

Rachel Franks
Learning all the tricks: critiquing crime fiction in a creative writing PhD

Jason Bainbridge
Lawyer as critic: analysing the legal thriller through the works of Grisham, Gardner and Lee

Donna Lee Brien and Rachel Franks
Trial by jury and newspaper reportage: re-writing women’s stories from legal transcripts and contemporaneous journalism

Alistair Rolls
Creative, critical, intertextual: Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Heath A Diehl
‘There are times when an old rule should be abandoned, or a current rule should not be applied’: narration, innovation and hardboiled fiction in Sue Grafton’s “T” is for Trespass

Matthew McGuire
Narratives of apprehension: crime fiction and the aftermath of the Northern Irish Troubles

Jean Anderson
Something old, something new, something borrowed: imitation, limitation and inspiration in French crime fiction

Jamie Popowich
The endangered species list: the mercurial writing of Charles Willeford and the strange case of The Shark-Infested Custard

KA Laity
Subtle hues: character and race in Dorothy B. Hughes’ The Expendable Man

Leigh Redhead
There was nothing, there was nowhere to go: writing Australian rural noir

Jesper Gulddal and Alistair Rolls
Detective fiction and the critical-creative nexus




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TEXT Special Issue No 37 Crime Fiction: The Creative/Critical Nexus
October 2016
Editors: Rachel Franks, Jesper Gulddal and Alistair Rolls
TEXT Special Issues Editor: Donna Lee Brien. Assistant Special Issues Editor: Dallas John Baker
General Editor: Nigel Krauth